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The Koozali SME Server project

The Koozali Foundation Inc. is a nonprofit corporation that governs the open source Koozali SME Server project. Koozali SME Server is a stable, secure and easy to use/manage linux server that provides common server functionalities out of the box. Many open source contributions are available that can extend the default server functionality making Koozali SME Server an even more powerful and flexible business server solution. Thousands of Koozali SME Severs have been deployed as real or virtual servers and in the cloud to serve many small to medium enterprises, and this number is growing day by day. The Koozali SME Server is free to use but it takes a lot of effort and money to develop, make, and maintain. We therefore ask you for your considerations.


Koozali Foundation Inc. together with it's community hosted at are a collaborative effort of volunteers. You too can contribute to the development and continuity of the Koozali SME Server project as described on our volunteering page. Everybody is welcome to join the already 4000+ member community and with any skill set.

Financial donations

You can also show your support by making financial donations. The preferred way to make financial donations is using the donate option in the forums. You are free to choose any amount and frequency, being monthly, yearly or only once. The benefit of donating through your forums account is that your forum user name will receive a badge, showing your donation status. If you do not have a forum account, you can create one, or select the below PayPal option to make your donations.

Commercial usage

Organizations that use Koozali SME Server for their business, provide professional services related to SME Server or in any other way benefit commercially from the Koozali SME Server project, are kindly requested to consider regular financial donations that reflect their business benefits.

Koozali Foundation Inc. is happy to supply an invoice for any donations received. For more information on invoicing please send a mail to

Thank you for your considerations and support!

Information.png Tip:
For a complete overview of SME Server Development see our SME Server Development Framework page.

SME Server 10.0

Current status

  • Latest Build: SME Server 10.0 Alpha x Http but if You need to build your Own Iso for Testing purpose see the Jigdo page and specially

this one

Current tasks

Current open bugs

IDStatusPackageSummary (124 tasks)
156CONFIRMEDe-smith-baseUnlocalised strings in server-manager header
369?CONFIRMEDe-smith-hostshostname for router
2023CONFIRMEDe-smith-managerServer manager header/footer template fragments are in wrong RPM
2388?CONFIRMEDe-smith-tinydnsParse dhcpd.leases and feed to tinydns
2475CONFIRMEDe-smith-proxysquid configuration redundant port specification
2816CONFIRMEDe-smith-ibaysUser passwd for every Ibay
3178CONFIRMEDe-smith-baseoption to chroot when connecting as user with sftp
3797?CONFIRMED---tryagain_page doesn't always display for admin
4041CONFIRMEDe-smith-managerLocalize /etc/e-smith/web/common/*.tmpl and /etc/e-smith/web/panels/manager/html/*.htm
4118CONFIRMEDe-smith-managerserver-manager login isn't locale aware (isn't UTF-8 aware either)
4402CONFIRMEDsmeserver-hordehorde DB entries are not removed when deleting users from SME
6929CONFIRMEDsmeserver-clamavRecovery form Clamscan False Positives
6940CONFIRMEDsmeserver-yumserver-manager says system is up to date, but cron email says there are updates available (and packages being obsoleted)
7186CONFIRMED---Replace PPTP VPN capability with EAP-TLS authenticated connections
7958CONFIRMED---Exact version shown during installation
8075CONFIRMEDe-smith-sambaAdding Samba 4
8316CONFIRMEDe-smith-ibaysAdd more PHP settings by db command
8365CONFIRMED---phpinfo shows Password in plain text!?
8376CONFIRMEDe-smith-proftpdproftpd: Can I disable Anonymous logins
8660CONFIRMEDe-smith-ldap[SAMBA4] User account authentication with Active Directory and AccountsDB
8663CONFIRMEDe-smith-proftpd[SAMBA4] Proftpd and active directory authentication (Samba 4)
8667CONFIRMEDe-smith-pptpd[SAMBA4] e-smith-pptpd updates for Samba 4
8668CONFIRMEDe-smith-base[SAMBA4] Bootstrap-Console update for Samba 4
8670CONFIRMEDe-smith-qmail[SAMBA4] Qmail updates for Samba 4
8674CONFIRMEDe-smith-samba[SAMBA4] Remove smbpasswd and WINS pieces for Samba 4
8687CONFIRMEDe-smith-samba[SAMBA4] Add SSSD daemon for Samba 4 local authentication
8688CONFIRMEDe-smith-lib[SAMBA4] update e-smith-lib for Samba 4
8689CONFIRMEDe-smith-backup[SAMBA4] e-smith-backup updates for Samba 4 -- wins and smbpasswd
8690CONFIRMEDe-smith-base[SAMBA4] e-smith-base updates due to Samba 4 WINS/smbpasswd removal
8693CONFIRMEDe-smith-apachemoving SSL httpd certificate to virtual host and allow multiple certificates
8703CONFIRMEDe-smith-samba[SAMBA4] Samba 4: Home directory
8782CONFIRMEDsmeserver-yumcheck4contribsupdates minor language and formatting corrections
9192CONFIRMEDe-smithport 80 and 443 shouldn't be hardcoded
9208CONFIRMED---implement a cockpit's plugin to interact with SME's command
9213CONFIRMEDe-smith-libadd to db command json formatted output
9375CONFIRMEDe-smith-apachehttpd: directives Order, Allow, Deny, and Satisfy should migrate to Require
9388CONFIRMEDsmeserver-yumcheck4contribsupdates disable message when smecontribs status=enabled
9396CONFIRMED---test of the console
9412CONFIRMED---service yum output warning 'There is no installed groups file.' on start
9418CONFIRMEDe-smith-proxysquid -z should not be used without cache_dir defined (in memory mode)
9419CONFIRMEDe-smith-proxysquid: no forward proxy port configured
9423CONFIRMED---Rename nut service to ups
9426CONFIRMED---warning in messages logs and on screen when running ippp
9429CONFIRMED---pwauth RPM with sme built version older than EPEL
9431CONFIRMEDe-smith-baseerror running bootstrap-console
9435CONFIRMED---starting a service with systemd only if `db configuration getprop SERVICE status` is enabled
9542CONFIRMED---anaconda - Failed to run oscap tool, no such file or directory
9549CONFIRMED---Error shown during use of text installer - Exception.yum.error
9568CONFIRMEDe-smith-ibaysmerge ibays and shared folder
9586CONFIRMED---Move Mitel copyright notices to copyright and licenses page
9590CONFIRMED---remove /home/e-smith/web/common/edition/info.txt
9591CONFIRMED---browsing folders with Indexes allowed does not show apache icones
9593CONFIRMEDe-smith-manageruninitialized value username in lc
9642CONFIRMEDe-smith-basefailed to fix permissions for www and apache
9651CONFIRMED---[Samba 4] Remove Samba Parts from esmith::Util for Samba 4
9656CONFIRMEDsmeserver-qpsmtpdReturn 4XX in case of DNS timeout while fetching dkim policies
9662CONFIRMED---[Samba 4] System Initialization and Re-Configuration with Active Directory
9677CONFIRMED---user-password : internal server error
9679CONFIRMED---Use of uninitialized value $what_to_make in string eq at
9692CONFIRMED---cleaning between /etc/rc.d/init.d/supervise/ and /etc/rc.d/init.d/ services link to daemontools
9695CONFIRMEDsmeserver-hordehorde template for configuration should point to in /etc/horde
9696CONFIRMED---update link
9697CONFIRMEDsmeserver-yumyum repo to update to koozali.og
9700CONFIRMED---[Samba 4]Consider removing /sbin/e-smith/samba_check_password
9708CONFIRMED---[Samba 4] Evaluate registry fragments in server-resources for Samba 4
9712CONFIRMED---[Samba 4] Reconfigure shadowcopy for Samba 4
9713CONFIRMED---[Samba 4] Reconfigure recycle bin for Samba 4
9726CONFIRMEDsmeserver-hordemysql error at first boot after installation from iso
9727CONFIRMED---missing install.log
9766CONFIRMED---Remove and replace PPTP VPN
9800CONFIRMED---[Samba 4] update e-smith-quota to process quotas for active directory users
9801CONFIRMED---[Samba 4] Add createADUser function to esmith::Util
9802CONFIRMED---[Samba 4] Modify user events/actions and server-manager panel
9804CONFIRMED---[Samba 4] Update password functions in esmith::util for Samba 4
9806CONFIRMED---[Samba 4] e-smith-openssh modifications for Samba 4
9807CONFIRMED---[Samba 4]smeserver-qpsmtpd changes for Samba 4
9822CONFIRMED---[Samba 4] Update console startup module for Samba 4 (smb)
9893CONFIRMEDe-smith-opensshNFR: allow white list for autoblock
9944CONFIRMEDe-smith-managerreorganize manager foot copyright
10090CONFIRMED---modify SM email panel wording to make spamassassin setting clearer
10115CONFIRMED---creation of domain does not affect the dns service
10128CONFIRMED---property to prevent modification of permission for an ibay subfolders and files
10170CONFIRMED---message to alert that the installed version is end of life
10176CONFIRMED---NFR: remote information box in the server manager and update message
10177CONFIRMEDsmeserver-samba[SAMBA 4] missing win10samba.reg and maybe other changes on e-smith samba
10201CONFIRMEDe-smith-base (network)add a post-transaction action to e-smith-base for dhcp
10224CONFIRMEDsmeserver-hordeTruncated mail domain in mail address
10227CONFIRMEDsmeserver-hordehorde 5 does not respect RFC2821
10233CONFIRMED---restore from console will not restore mysql db
10236CONFIRMED---adopt duplicity as an alternative backup tool
10245CONFIRMEDe-smith-backupbackup-data.d files should be in the backup set
10249CONFIRMEDsmeserver-yumswitch centos base and updates mirror list to vault after eol
10285CONFIRMED---Prevent entering invalid netmask
10289CONFIRMEDsmeserver-qpsmtpd127.0.0.200 should be added to the norelayclients file
10335CONFIRMED---Add php-fpm support in the core for all major PHP versions
10336CONFIRMED---plymouth screen on first boot display linux centos 7
10377CONFIRMED---Netinstall ISO fails to complete installation
10456CONFIRMEDe-smith-manageradd hw info to bugreport
10477CONFIRMED---perl-Test-Inline RPM with sme built version older than EPEL
10478CONFIRMED---pptpd RPM with sme built version older than EPEL
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Important.png Note:
Bugs needing verification are shown here Verification_Queue


IDPackageSummary (3 tasks)
10298smeserver-qpsmtpdRedirect DMARC report cron task in a log file
10537smeserver-mockease package building and update of buildsystems
10600smeserver-mockffmpeg and other video tools deps for mock files


IDPackageSummary (21 tasks)
8160smeserver-spamassassinintegrate BayesAutoLearnThresholdSpam and BayesAutoLearnThresholdNonspam properties and handle bayes_auto_learn
8362e-smith-dnscachednscache CNAME chain lookup problem (
9127e-smith-backupMake sure only one backup run at a time
10100smeserver-yumadd yum-plugin-post-transaction-actions to the base
10190e-smith-ntpadd a post-transaction action to e-smith-ntpd
10374djbdnssecurity and bug fixes for djbdns
10386e-smith-qmailqmail-update-group only update the first group
10428smeserver-supportDependencies problem while updating SME Sever 10Alpha3
10429sambasamba need rebuild against samba-4.6.2-12
10463---libtidy upgrade from EPEL from 0.99 to 5.4
10479---perl-RPM2 RPM with sme built version older than EPEL
10500clamavClamAV 0.99.3 released
10506smeserver-managercreate sandbox rpm for server-manager2
10515e-smith-sambaTypo / Missing letter in /server-resources/regedit/win10samba.reg
10516smeserver-supportstatusreport fails on sme10 with libperl-www >=6.02
10519e-smith-base/etc/xinetd.conf template breaks xinet
10528clamavUpdate ClamAV to 0.99.4
10536e-smith-devtoolsease update of e-smith-devtools
10573smeserver-supportlibtevent conflict with locally build samba version
10577---upgrade to dehydrated 0.6.2
10584---Nut dependencies problem while updating SME Sever 10Alpha3


IDPackageSummary (345 tasks)
79e-smith-proxy[ 1200402 ] squid is logging (mostly) to syslog
139e-smith-php[ 1350044 ] Move PHP sessiondir to /var/lib/php/session
1502smeserver-yumpredownload rpm nightly to ease update yumdownloader or downloadonly -y
2370smeserver-qpsmtpdRequire valid reverse DNS in qpsmtpd
4123e-smith-managerServer manager header is not locale aware
4597smeserver-qpsmtpdbadrcptto should not be evaluated for connections from lan
5092smeserver-qpsmtpdDisable DNSBL for authenticated users
6804e-smith-proftpdAdding TLS support to proftp configuration
7011?e-smith-phpSet php_admin_value upload_tmp_dir per ibay
8484smeserver-qpsmtpdqpsmtpd dnsbl does not allow configuration of blocklists without TXT records
8675e-smith-ldap[SAMBA4] e-smith-LDAP + Samba 4
8783e-smith-managerAdd bug reporting templates to server manager
8834smeserver-yuminstall deltarpm to reduce updates sizes
9090?e-smith-backupTest if the remote (nfs,cifs) host is mountable in the worskation backup panel
9105e-smith-ibayscreate tmp directory for every php enabled ibay
9189---Koozali SME Server 10 tracking bug
9206smeserver-qpsmtpdAdd DMARC to qpsmtpd
9209LPRngLPRng doesn't build on el7
9210perl-Object-Persistenceperl-Object-Persistence doesn't build on el7
9211pppppp doesn't build on el7
9212---Create SME Server 10 Alpha 1
9215e-smith-apachee-smith-apache doesn't build on el7
9216e-smith-basee-smith-base doesn't build on el7
9219smeserver-spamassassinspamassassin doesn't build on el7
9220e-smith-sambae-smith-samba doesn't build on el7
9221e-smith-radiusde-smith-radiusd doesn't build on el7
9222e-smith-qmaile-smith-qmail doesn't build on el7
9223e-smith-proxye-smith-proxy doesn't build on el7
9224e-smith-proftpde-smith-proftpd doesn't build on el7
9225e-smith-pptpde-smith-pptpd doesn't build on el7
9226e-smith-opensshe-smith-openssh doesn't build on el7
9227e-smith-ntpe-smith-ntp doesn't build on el7
9228e-smith-emaile-smith-email doesn't build on el7
9229smeserver-yumsmeserver-yum doesn't build on el7
9230smeserver-qpsmtpdsmeserver-qpsmtpd doesn't build on el7
9232e-smith-devtoolsgenfilelist should not treat symlinks as directories
9233bufferbuffer doesn't build on el7
9235---mod_perl doesn't build on el7
9236qpsmtpdqpsmtpd failed to build on el7
9237---Suggested new method for esmith::DB - get_all_by_props()
9268clamavUpdate ClamAV to 0.99.1
9269smeserver-supportUpdate copyright notification in server manager
9287smoltRemove smolt
9288smeserver-supportRemove dependency on smolt
9289---Build or resolve dependencies not available through default CentOS repo's
9299e-smith-backupFix removable device detection (e.g. backup devices)
9310---Need to build mod_auth_tkt
9311---Need to build perl(Apache::AuthTKT)
9312---Need to build perl(WWW::Automate)
9318---need to import and build cpuspeed for SME10
9319e-smith-ldape-smith-ldap-5.6.0-1.el7.sme.noarch requires db4-utils
9320---e-smith-grub should requires grub2
9321e-smith-grube-smith-grub need to be adapted to grub2
9322---import checkpasswd-pam to sme10
9323---Need to build perl(Net::Ident)
9324---Need to build perl(Class::ParamParser)
9325---Need to build perl(I18N::AcceptLanguage)
9326---Need to build perl(HTML::Tabulate)
9327---Need to build perl(Mail::RFC822::Address)
9328---Need to build perl(IP::Country)
9329---Need to build perl(CGI::Persistent)
9330---Need to build perl(RPM2)
9331smeserver-spamassassinRemove DCC as it's not a free software
9332---need to build perl(Crypt::Cracklib)
9333---need build perl-Net-DNS-Native
9334---need to build wv
9335---need build RSSH
9336smeserver-spamassassinrazor-agent not available but perl-razor-agent is in EPEL7
9337e-smith-basecpuspeed is obsolete
9338---need to build perl(Unix::PasswdFile)
9339e-smith-managerGet rid of perl-suidperl dependency
9340---need to build oidentd
9341e-smith-baseneed to build pam_abl
9342e-smith-baseneed to remove Requires:HAL from e-smith-base
9343---need to lowercase the REquires : DCC in smeserver-spamassassin
9344---perl(Data::UUID) conflict between epel and base repo
9345e-smith-mysqlmysql-server from an external repo
9346---installation of e-smith-base
9347e-smith-devtoolsgenfilelist should ignore some system directories
9348---smeserver-spamassassin should not claim to own /usr/bin
9352e-smithmigrate to systemd
9363smeserver-clamavsmeserver-clamav - test and analysis for SME Server 10Alpha
9364?e-smith-apachehttpd-e-smith does not start
9365?e-smith-managerhttp-admin does not start
9366?e-smith-runitlaunch runsvdir
9367---copy EPEL package needed for bare install to smetest
9372e-smith-baseconsole internet test needs Digest::SHA1 module
9374---NetworkManager versus old network
9377smeserver-yumsmeserver-yum needs to point to sme10 repo
9378e-smith-base/etc/sysconfig/i18n is now /etc/locale.conf in centos7
9379smeserver-supportmove references from to
9380---qpsmtpd doesn't run - postfix needs to be disabled/removed
9381---e-smith-apache isn't installed
9382e-smith-basebootstrap-console doesn't run
9383---bootstrap-console crashes after entering network parameters
9386qpsmtpdwarnings during qpsmtpd startup
9389---moving files from /sbin to /usr/sbin and /bin to /usr/bin
9390---minimal CentOS 7 install : services running that should be disabled from systemd
9392e-smith-basedhcp packages are not installed.
9393e-smithAlternatives to perl suid
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