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Important.png Note:
Please help us to verify all corrections to SME Server. The steps involved in verifying fixes are pretty straightforward and easy to do. Please see the How to verify fixes page.

All the errors below have been fixed and need verification, they are split up into SME Server 9, SME Server 8 & contribs.

The bug report will detail the exact package and version needed. These are normally in smeupdates-testing and can be installed by "yum --enablerepo=smeupdates-testing update <package>"

for example

yum --enablerepo=smeupdates-testing update e-smith-ldap

As it is a manual step to move packages into smeupdates-testing the most recent packages will be in smetest and can be installed from there if necessary. for example

 yum --enablerepo=smetest update e-smith-ldap

or if you need several repositories :

 yum --enablerepo=smetest,smeupdates-testing,smedev update e-smith-ldap


SME Server 9 Verifications

IDPackageSummary (5 tasks)
9704qmailinfinite loop delivering email to domain resolving to localhost
10360smeserver-spamassassinintegrate BayesAutoLearnThresholdSpam and BayesAutoLearnThresholdNonspam properties and handle bayes_auto_learn
10381djbdnsbackport: dnscache CNAME chain lookup problem short dns + djbdns bugfixes and security fixes
10388e-smith-qmailqmail-update-group only update the first group
10401smeserver-qpsmtpdRedirect DMARC report cron task in a log file

Direct Link of Bugzilla

SME Server 8 Verifications

"Well done guys, no more open bugs!"

Direct Link of Bugzilla

SME Server Translations Verifications

"Well done guys, no more open bugs!"

Direct Link of Bugzilla

SME Server Contribs Verifications

IDComponentVersionSummary (8 tasks)
7828smeserver-hylafax9.0Permissions on xferfaxlog
9741Horde59.1On login if you choose Mode Basic, you can't login
9526smeserver-dansguardian-panel9.1new fragments requested for /etc/dansguardian/dansguardian.conf template
8677smeserver-libreswan9.1first import smeserver LibreSwan VPN contrib
10300smeserver-letsencrypt9.2Dehydrated returning to shell prompt, outputs only "# INFO: Using main config file /etc/dehydrated/config"
8434smeserver-cacti9betafirst import to sme9 tree [smeserver-cacti]
10409smeserver-sme9adminFuturmonitor altqmail if installed

Direct Link of Bugzilla

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