SME10 Roadmap

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Work in progress

This page provides the roadmap objectives and status updates for SME Server version 10


A selection of improvements and or additions to SME Server 10 has to be made from the wishlist

Current suggestions:

  • SME Server 10 is to be considered a MAJOR update
  • SME Server 10 based on upstream Centos 7
  • Updated Horde Framework to 5.2
  • Improved Samba 4 support
  • Improvements to Backup and Restore
  • encrypted backup (for cloud purpose and others)
  • Updated packages to latest releases at the time of ISO release
  • new version of qpsmtpd 0.96
  • MySQL replaced with MariaDB
  • systemd as the default init
  • The boot loader is now grub2
  • Move server manager to Mojolicious
  • Facilitate Integrator Customization SME10_Integrator_Customization
  • ibays
  • merger ibays with Shared folders Bugzilla:9568
  • The contrib Shared folder offers many new features which enhance a lot the file sharing. We will be winners if we can have this contrib in the sme core
  • finish tmp folder integration Bugzilla:9568
  • better integration of php and httpd setting per ibay Bugzilla:
  • Cloud awareness
  • Market development and usage of services and software are changing quickly. One of them being 'Cloud' and all xaaS related services
  • Being able to deploy SME Server as a Virtual Machine (VPS) in ServerGateway mode with an ISP that only offers 1 Network interface
  • Patch available, Proof of concept applied on production servers Bugzilla:7200
  • ease backup to cloud Bugzilla:9517
  • SSL Certificates
  • MTA to MTA delivery

see all final changes on :


Development has beend performed using COS7 minimal and rebuild packages from SME 9.0 and any other needed repo.

Create SME 10 packages

  • Build all SME Server packages on COS7, see Sme10BuildQueue
  • Cleanup SME 10 packages
  • Import package into SME10

status: completed on 2016-03-18

SME 10 Alpha 1

  • Status: completed on 18-03-2016

Goal for next release

  • first iso with limited hardware support for install
  • horde webmail excluded of iso because of anaconda conflicts
  • functional systemd integration
  • bootloader
IDPackageSummary (271 tasks)VersionMilestone
139e-smith-php[ 1350044 ] Move PHP sessiondir to /var/lib/php/session10.0a110.0a1
2370smeserver-qpsmtpdRequire valid reverse DNS in qpsmtpd10.0a110.0a1
4597smeserver-qpsmtpdbadrcptto should not be evaluated for connections from lan10.0a110.0a1
5092smeserver-qpsmtpdDisable DNSBL for authenticated users10.0a110.0a1
6804e-smith-proftpdAdding TLS support to proftp configuration10.0a110.0a1
7011?e-smith-phpSet php_admin_value upload_tmp_dir per ibay10.0a110.0a1
8484smeserver-qpsmtpdqpsmtpd dnsbl does not allow configuration of blocklists without TXT records10.0a110.0a1
9105e-smith-ibayscreate tmp directory for every php enabled ibay10.0a110.0a1
9189---Koozali SME Server 10 tracking bug10.0a110.0a1
9206smeserver-qpsmtpdAdd DMARC to qpsmtpd10.0a110.0a1
9209LPRngLPRng doesn't build on el710.0a110.0a1
9210perl-Object-Persistenceperl-Object-Persistence doesn't build on el710.0a110.0a1
9211pppppp doesn't build on el710.0a110.0a1
9212---Create SME Server 10 Alpha 110.0a110.0a1
9215e-smith-apachee-smith-apache doesn't build on el710.0a110.0a1
9216e-smith-basee-smith-base doesn't build on el710.0a110.0a1
9219smeserver-spamassassinspamassassin doesn't build on el710.0a110.0a1
9220e-smith-sambae-smith-samba doesn't build on el710.0a110.0a1
9221e-smith-radiusde-smith-radiusd doesn't build on el710.0a110.0a1
9222e-smith-qmaile-smith-qmail doesn't build on el710.0a110.0a1
9223e-smith-proxye-smith-proxy doesn't build on el710.0a110.0a1
9224e-smith-proftpde-smith-proftpd doesn't build on el710.0a110.0a1
9225e-smith-pptpde-smith-pptpd doesn't build on el710.0a110.0a1
9226e-smith-opensshe-smith-openssh doesn't build on el710.0a110.0a1
9227e-smith-ntpe-smith-ntp doesn't build on el710.0a110.0a1
9228e-smith-emaile-smith-email doesn't build on el710.0a110.0a1
9229smeserver-yumsmeserver-yum doesn't build on el710.0a110.0a1
9230smeserver-qpsmtpdsmeserver-qpsmtpd doesn't build on el710.0a110.0a1
9232e-smith-devtoolsgenfilelist should not treat symlinks as directories10.0a110.0a1
9233bufferbuffer doesn't build on el710.0a110.0a1
9235---mod_perl doesn't build on el710.0a110.0a1
9236qpsmtpdqpsmtpd failed to build on el710.0a110.0a1
9237---Suggested new method for esmith::DB - get_all_by_props()10.0a110.0a1
9268clamavUpdate ClamAV to
9269smeserver-supportUpdate copyright notification in server manager10.0a110.0a1
9287smoltRemove smolt10.0a110.0a1
9288smeserver-supportRemove dependency on smolt10.0a110.0a1
9289---Build or resolve dependencies not available through default CentOS repo's10.0a110.0a1
9299e-smith-backupFix removable device detection (e.g. backup devices)10.0a110.0a1
9310---Need to build mod_auth_tkt10.0a110.0a1
9311---Need to build perl(Apache::AuthTKT)10.0a110.0a1
9312---Need to build perl(WWW::Automate)10.0a110.0a1
9318---need to import and build cpuspeed for SME1010.0a110.0a1
9319e-smith-ldape-smith-ldap-5.6.0-1.el7.sme.noarch requires db4-utils10.0a110.0a1
9320---e-smith-grub should requires grub210.0a110.0a1
9321e-smith-grube-smith-grub need to be adapted to grub210.0a110.0a1
9322---import checkpasswd-pam to sme1010.0a110.0a1
9323---Need to build perl(Net::Ident)10.0a110.0a1
9324---Need to build perl(Class::ParamParser)10.0a110.0a1
9325---Need to build perl(I18N::AcceptLanguage)10.0a110.0a1
9326---Need to build perl(HTML::Tabulate)10.0a110.0a1
9327---Need to build perl(Mail::RFC822::Address)10.0a110.0a1
9328---Need to build perl(IP::Country)10.0a110.0a1
9329---Need to build perl(CGI::Persistent)10.0a110.0a1
9330---Need to build perl(RPM2)10.0a110.0a1
9331smeserver-spamassassinRemove DCC as it's not a free software10.0a110.0a1
9332---need to build perl(Crypt::Cracklib)10.0a110.0a1
9333---need build perl-Net-DNS-Native10.0a110.0a1
9334---need to build wv10.0a110.0a1
9335---need build RSSH10.0a110.0a1
9336smeserver-spamassassinrazor-agent not available but perl-razor-agent is in EPEL710.0a110.0a1
9337e-smith-basecpuspeed is obsolete10.0a110.0a1
9338---need to build perl(Unix::PasswdFile)10.0a110.0a1
9339e-smith-managerGet rid of perl-suidperl dependency10.0a110.0a1
9340---need to build oidentd10.0a110.0a1
9341e-smith-baseneed to build pam_abl10.0a110.0a1
9342e-smith-baseneed to remove Requires:HAL from e-smith-base10.0a110.0a1
9343---need to lowercase the REquires : DCC in smeserver-spamassassin10.0a110.0a1
9344---perl(Data::UUID) conflict between epel and base repo10.0a110.0a1
9345e-smith-mysqlmysql-server from an external repo10.0a110.0a1
9346---installation of e-smith-base10.0a110.0a1
9347e-smith-devtoolsgenfilelist should ignore some system directories10.0a110.0a1
9348---smeserver-spamassassin should not claim to own /usr/bin10.0a110.0a1
9352e-smithmigrate to systemd10.0a110.0a1
9363smeserver-clamavsmeserver-clamav - test and analysis for SME Server 10Alpha10.0a110.0a1
9364?e-smith-apachehttpd-e-smith does not start10.0a110.0a1
9365?e-smith-managerhttp-admin does not start10.0a110.0a1
9366?e-smith-runitlaunch runsvdir10.0a110.0a1
9367---copy EPEL package needed for bare install to smetest10.0a110.0a1
9372e-smith-baseconsole internet test needs Digest::SHA1 module10.0a110.0a1
9374---NetworkManager versus old network10.0a110.0a1
9377smeserver-yumsmeserver-yum needs to point to sme10 repo10.0a110.0a1
9378e-smith-base/etc/sysconfig/i18n is now /etc/locale.conf in centos710.0a110.0a1
9379smeserver-supportmove references from to koozali.org10.0a110.0a1
9380---qpsmtpd doesn't run - postfix needs to be disabled/removed10.0a110.0a1
9381---e-smith-apache isn't installed10.0a110.0a1
9382e-smith-basebootstrap-console doesn't run10.0a110.0a1
9383---bootstrap-console crashes after entering network parameters10.0a110.0a1
9386qpsmtpdwarnings during qpsmtpd startup10.0a110.0a1
9389---moving files from /sbin to /usr/sbin and /bin to /usr/bin10.0a110.0a1
9390---minimal CentOS 7 install : services running that should be disabled from systemd10.0a110.0a1
9392e-smith-basedhcp packages are not installed.10.0a110.0a1
9393e-smithAlternatives to perl suid10.0a110.0a1
9396---test of the console10.0a110.0a1
9397---console configure this server does not run10.0a110.0a1
9398---rsyslog configuration has deprecated syntax10.0a110.0a1
9399buildsys-macrosbuildsys-macros-6-1.el7 macro inside still point to el610.0a110.0a1
9402---start services with runit10.0a110.0a1
9403smeserver-clamavclamd service launch test10.0a110.0a1
9404e-smith-oidentdservice oidentd fails to start10.0a110.0a1
Warnings were generated during the execution of function
  1. Report truncated - count greater than max allowed 101 > 100

SME 10 Alpha 2

  • Status: completed 09-08-2016

Goal for next release

  • improve installation process of the iso
  • Koozali branding
  • Hoirde back on the anaconda install
  • few improvements and fixes see release

IDPackageSummary (12 tasks)VersionMilestoneStatus
1502smeserver-yumpredownload rpm nightly to ease update yumdownloader or downloadonly -y10.0a110.0a2CLOSED
8834smeserver-yuminstall deltarpm to reduce updates sizes10.0a110.0a2CLOSED
9401---modify anaconda to become SMEserver installer, rather than manually configured CentOS installer.10.0a110.0a2CLOSED
9532---creating a kickstart file10.0a110.0a2CLOSED
9538---Anaconda error 'Disk vda does not exist'. System halts10.0a110.0a2CLOSED
9548e-smithChange logo to include Koozali10.0a110.0a2CLOSED
9585e-smith-libconsole startup does not display correctly10.0a110.0a2CLOSED
9607e-smith-backupadd and remove paths to backup10.0a110.0a2CLOSED
9633e-smith-backupAdd exclusion to the dar backup by a file with a .exclude10.0a110.0a2CLOSED
9634e-smith-backuptrim both ends for '/' in the restore_list10.0a110.0a2CLOSED
9635e-smith-backupAdd exclusion to the tar backup (console,backup panel) by a file with a .exclude10.0a110.0a2CLOSED
9715e-smith-dnscacheModify e-smith-dnscache to allow connections from entire loopback network10.0a110.0a2CLOSED

SME 10 Alpha 3

  • Status: WIP
  • Please add bug references to be able to track status and progress. Bugzilla:10164

Goal for next release

IDPackageSummary (42 tasks)VersionMilestoneStatus
79e-smith-proxy[ 1200402 ] squid is logging (mostly) to syslog10.0a110.0a3CLOSED
4123e-smith-managerServer manager header is not locale aware10.0a210.0a3CLOSED
8783e-smith-managerAdd bug reporting templates to server manager10.0a210.0a3CLOSED
9090?e-smith-backupTest if the remote (nfs,cifs) host is mountable in the worskation backup panel10.0a210.0a3CLOSED
9127e-smith-backupMake sure only one backup run at a time10.0a210.0a3CLOSED
9600smeserver-hordebuild php-pear-packages needed for Horde10.0a110.0a3CLOSED
9724e-smith-basesyntax of /etc/locale.cfg may vary10.0a110.0a3CLOSED
9751---Rebuild Samba-4.2.3-10 Upstream Package with Domain Controller Support10.0a210.0a3CLOSED
9817samba[Samba 4] Fork Samba 4.4.4-12 from upstream with DC Support10.0a210.0a3CLOSED
9884qmailqmail shouldn't append the domain name to null sender envelope10.0a210.0a3CLOSED
9900e-smith-starterwebsite"Create a starter website" does not create the site from server-manager10.0a210.0a3CLOSED
10080---update dehydrated rpm to
10083e-smith-base (network)local networks route problem10.0a210.0a3CLOSED
10092smeserver-hordesignal-event email-update generate errors related to webmail10.0a210.0a3CLOSED
10108e-smith-ldapDisable SSLv3 and RC4 ciphers for ldap10.0a210.0a3CLOSED
10110smeserver-dovecotDisable RC4 ciphers imaps10.0a210.0a3CLOSED
10112qpsmtpdwhitelist plugin needs updating to works with naughty plugin delayed denied10.0a210.0a3CLOSED
10119smeserver-yumadd software collection gpg signing key to SME1010.0a210.0a3CLOSED
10121smeserver-localeNFR: add link for translation of en-ca and other similar variations10.0a210.0a3CLOSED
10123smeserver-qpsmtpdrhsbl regex is inappropriate in migrate fragment10.0a210.0a3CLOSED
10126qpsmtpd-pluginswbl whitelist_soft should be removed from qpsmtpd-plugin10.0a210.0a3CLOSED
10137smeserver-spamassassinAdd a switch to enable the TELL command in spamd10.0a210.0a3CLOSED
10139qpsmtpd"(data_post) headers: fail, too many Message-Id headers" SME1010.0a210.0a3CLOSED
10144samba[SAMBA 4] import required rpms from epel10.0a210.0a3CLOSED
10155smeserver-support[SAMBA 4] exclude samba pakcages from being updated from upstream repo10.0a210.0a3CLOSED
10156smeserver-yumupdate centos repo list : centos 7 does not provides a contrib repo and some new are available10.0a210.0a3CLOSED
10164---Create Koozali SME Server 10.0 Alpha 310.0a210.0a3CLOSED
10167e-smith-managermanager login page give Internal Server Error without back parameter10.0a210.0a3CLOSED
10169e-smith-sambaOutlook 2016, error code: 0x8004011c.10.0a210.0a3CLOSED
10192e-smith-grubquotas not found - error message overnight.10.0a210.0a3CLOSED
10209e-smith-managerUse of uninitialized value in lc at /etc/e-smith/web/common/cgi-bin/login10.0a210.0a3CLOSED
10210---uninitialized value $what_to_make in lc at /usr/share/perl5/vendor_perl/CGI/FormMagick/ line 20610.0a210.0a3CLOSED
10211e-smith-grubenable quota for xfs10.0a210.0a3CLOSED
10252smeserver-localeupdates locales smeserver-locale-2.6.0-locale-2017-04-26.patch10.0a210.0a3CLOSED
10263smeserver-yumadd rpmfusion rpm signing key10.0a210.0a3CLOSED
10303smeserver-qpsmtpdDMARC reporting enabled without user knowledge10.0a210.0a3CLOSED
10318smeserver-qpsmtpdUse of uninitialized value $domain in pattern match (m//) ...10.0a210.0a3CLOSED
10325e-smith-devtoolsupdating e-smith-grub from updates-testing gives error10.0a210.0a3CLOSED
10326sambaupdate samba from upstream to patch against CVE-2017-749410.0a210.0a3CLOSED
10429sambasamba need rebuild against samba-4.6.2-1210.0a310.0a3CLOSED
10584---Nut dependencies problem while updating SME Sever 10Alpha310.0a310.0a3CLOSED
10599smeserver-mockupdate smeserver-mock to build spamassassin10.0a310.0a3CLOSED

Difficulties encountered during update from previous versions

globally before any updates during the alpha phase you should always update smeserver-yum and smeserver-support first:

yum update smeserver-yum smeserver-support --enablerepo=smeupdates-testing
signal-event yum-modify

yum update 
signal-event post-upgrade; signal-event reboot

1- you might encounter an error for a missing key for REMI rpms.

Public key for php-pear-1.10.3-1.el7.remi.noarch.rpm is not installed

solution: pick one of those:

yum update smeserver-yum --enablerepo=smeupdates-testing -y
signal-event yum-modify
yum update --enablerepo=smeupdates-testing
signal-event post-upgrade; signal-event reboot

alternatively you could

yum update --enablerepo=smeupdates-testing --exclude=php-pear
signal-event yum-modify
yum update --enablerepo=smeupdates-testing
signal-event post-upgrade; signal-event reboot


yum update --enablerepo=smeupdates-testing --nogpgcheck

2- you might encounter a conflict between centos samba rpm and SME locally builtsamba rpms:

yum update smeserver-support smeserver-yum -y
signal-event yum-modify

then proceed to regular update

yum update

SME 10 Alpha 4

  • Status: WIP
  • Please add bug references to be able to track status and progress.

Goal for next release

IDPackageSummary (19 tasks)VersionMilestoneStatus
8160smeserver-spamassassinintegrate BayesAutoLearnThresholdSpam and BayesAutoLearnThresholdNonspam properties and handle bayes_auto_learn10.0a310.0a4CLOSED
8362e-smith-dnscachednscache CNAME chain lookup problem (
10100smeserver-yumadd yum-plugin-post-transaction-actions to the base10.0a210.0a4CLOSED
10298smeserver-qpsmtpdRedirect DMARC report cron task in a log file10.0a210.0a4CLOSED
10338---Create Koozali SME Server 10.0 Alpha 410.0a310.0a4CLOSED
10374djbdnssecurity and bug fixes for djbdns10.0a310.0a4CLOSED
10386e-smith-qmailqmail-update-group only update the first group10.0a210.0a4CLOSED
10428smeserver-supportDependencies problem while updating SME Sever 10Alpha310.0a310.0a4CLOSED
10463---libtidy upgrade from EPEL from 0.99 to 5.410.0a310.0a4CLOSED
10479---perl-RPM2 RPM with sme built version older than EPEL10.0a110.0a4CLOSED
10500clamavClamAV 0.99.3 released10.0a310.0a4CLOSED
10506smeserver-managercreate sandbox rpm for server-manager210.0a310.0a4CLOSED
10515e-smith-sambaTypo / Missing letter in /server-resources/regedit/win10samba.reg10.0a310.0a4CLOSED
10516smeserver-supportstatusreport fails on sme10 with libperl-www >=6.0210.0a310.0a4CLOSED
10519e-smith-base/etc/xinetd.conf template breaks xinet10.0a310.0a4CLOSED
10537smeserver-mockease package building and update of buildsystems10.0a310.0a4CLOSED
10573smeserver-supportlibtevent conflict with locally build samba version10.0a310.0a4CLOSED
10577---upgrade to dehydrated needs clamav-update10.0a410.0a4CLOSED

SME 10 Alpha 5

  • Status:
  • Please add bug references to be able to track status and progress.

Goal for next release

IDPackageSummary (84 tasks)VersionMilestoneStatus
118smeserver-yum[ 1296024 ] yum: Error: No Groups on which to run command10.0a410.0a5CLOSED
1005smeserver-hordeavoid losing user pref when changing primary domain / login using another virtualhost10.0a410.0a5CLOSED
3139e-smith-backuprestore from backup does not report "disk full" error10.0a410.0a5CLOSED
4402smeserver-hordehorde DB entries are not removed when deleting users from SME---10.0a5CLOSED
4536smeserver-hordeConsider adding Kronolith (Calendar) to base for webmail10.0a410.0a5CLOSED
4537smeserver-hordeConsider adding nag (Tasks) to base for webmail10.0a410.0a5CLOSED
4538smeserver-hordeConsider adding mnemo (notes) to base for webmail10.0a410.0a5CLOSED
5890e-smith-baseSMART on by default10.0a410.0a5CLOSED
5933e-smith-baseOnly list devices that carry a backup when performing a console restore10.0a410.0a5CLOSED
6499smeserver-yumAdd support for yum-plugin-priorities10.0a410.0a5CLOSED
6940smeserver-yumserver-manager says system is up to date, but cron email says there are updates available (and packages being obsoleted)10.0a310.0a5CLOSED
7510smeserver-dovecotLet dovecot handle pop310.0a410.0a5CLOSED
7958---Exact version shown during installation---10.0a5CLOSED
8156e-smith-base (certif)Wild Card support in the default self signed certificate10.0a410.0a5VERIFIED
8244e-smith-basecannot find backup media during console restore due to bad filesystem10.0a410.0a5CLOSED
8705smeserver-yumavoid reboot after updating smeserver-X rpms10.0a110.0a5CLOSED
8782smeserver-yumcheck4contribsupdates minor language and formatting corrections---10.0a5CLOSED
8787smeserver-phpadd mail.add_x_header and mail.log to php-ini10.0a410.0a5CLOSED
8876e-smith-baseServerName property from smb key is missing in defaults. Leads to perl warning10.0a410.0a5CLOSED
8903smeserver-supportRemove option in server manager to create a starter website10.0a410.0a5CLOSED
9159e-smith-backupBackup deletion of incomplete backups fail10.0a410.0a5CLOSED
9388smeserver-yumcheck4contribsupdates disable message when smecontribs status=enabled---10.0a5CLOSED
9591e-smith-apachebrowsing folders with Indexes allowed does not show apache icones10.0a110.0a5CLOSED
9677e-smith-baseuser-password : internal server error10.0a110.0a5CLOSED
9697smeserver-yumyum repo to update to koozali.og10.0a110.0a5CLOSED
9727---missing install.log10.0a110.0a5CLOSED
9865smeserver-dovecotpermit imap login using full email address10.0a410.0a5CLOSED
9893e-smith-opensshNFR: allow white list for autoblock10.0a210.0a5CLOSED
10170smeserver-yummessage to alert that the installed version is end of life10.0a210.0a5CLOSED
10190e-smith-ntpadd a post-transaction action to e-smith-ntpd10.0a310.0a5CLOSED
10224?smeserver-hordeTruncated mail domain in mail address10.0a210.0a5CLOSED
10245e-smith-backupbackup-data.d files should be in the backup set10.0a210.0a5CLOSED
10249smeserver-yumswitch centos base and updates mirror list to vault after eol10.0a210.0a5CLOSED
10335smeserver-phpAdd php-fpm support in the core for all major PHP versions10.0a210.0a5CLOSED
10358e-smith-radiusdMake Radius schared secret a db property under radiusd key10.0a410.0a5CLOSED
10377---Netinstall ISO fails to complete installation10.0a310.0a5CLOSED
10426e-smith-backupError occurred during pre-backup actions (mysql-dump-tables failure)10.0a410.0a5CLOSED
10459e-smith-apacheSSL/TLS: Report Vulnerable Cipher Suites for HTTPS10.0a410.0a5CLOSED
10460smeserver-qpsmtpdSSL/TLS: Report Weak Cipher Suites10.0a410.0a5CLOSED
10600smeserver-mockffmpeg and other video tools deps for mock files10.0a310.0a5CLOSED
10621e-smith-opensshUpdate ssh client ciphers in /etc/ssh/ssh_config10.0a410.0a5CLOSED
10632---usb install failed due to bad media path in isolinux.cfg10.0a310.0a5CLOSED
10647smeserver-mocksmeserver-mock python-ctypes10.0a310.0a5CLOSED
10690smeserver-yumrevert autoinstallUpdates / add yum-cron support10.0a310.0a5CLOSED
10715e-smith-baseDaily cron email concerning regeneration of SSL certificate if City/Company/Department not set10.0a310.0a5CLOSED
10716smeserver-yummake smecontribs Visible10.0a310.0a5CLOSED
10717smeserver-hordesmeserver-horde patches to bring everything up to date.10.0a410.0a5CLOSED
10722smeserver-releaseCreate Koozali SME Server 10.0 Alpha 510.0a410.0a5CLOSED
10723perl-CGI-FormMagickFrom unauthenticated XSS to remote code execution as 'root'10.0a410.0a5CLOSED
10742smeserver-yumadd RPM-GPG-KEY-openfusion to smeserver-yum10.0a410.0a5CLOSED
10813smeserver-clamavWARNING: Ignoring deprecated option AllowSupplementaryGroups at line 4310.0a410.0a5CLOSED
10823smeserver-hordehorde strict error with php7010.0a310.0a5CLOSED
10833smeserver-clamavalign MemLimit values10.0a410.0a5CLOSED
10843smeserver-yumupdates available : header detected as package in French (and probably other languages)10.0a410.0a5CLOSED plugin tries to expand template after their deletion10.0a410.0a5CLOSED
10848e-smith-libserviceControl: Unknown serviceAction reload-or-restart10.0a410.0a5CLOSED
10853e-smith-radiusdradius log filling with radius restarting10.0a410.0a5CLOSED
10865smeserver-phpremove reference to php3 php4 files and deprecated php modules10.0a410.0a5CLOSED
10866smeserver-horderemove reference to php3 php4 files and deprecated php modules10.0a410.0a5CLOSED
10870---update base/comps.xml10.0a410.0a5CLOSED
10871smeserver-phpphp-fpm for ibays10.0a410.0a5CLOSED
10872smeserver-hordeadapt horde for php-fpm10.0a410.0a5CLOSED
10873smeserver-yumyum should restart php-fpm services after update10.0a410.0a5CLOSED
10877smeserver-phplog file does not fill up10.0a410.0a5CLOSED
10879smeserver-phpmake syslog log php to dedicated files10.0a410.0a5CLOSED
10888smeserver-phpdefine sys_temp_dir10.0a410.0a5CLOSED
10891smeserver-phptemplate all php.ini of every php version and update current php template10.0a410.0a5CLOSED
10901---SME10.0a4.iso will not install or boot efi but stock Centos7.iso will10.0a410.0a5CLOSED
10904smeserver-phptransfer SERVER auth variables from httpd server to php-fpm pool10.0a410.0a5CLOSED
10908smeserver-hordeunable to log using apache auth for rpc.php and calendar use10.0a410.0a5CLOSED
10909smeserver-hordesmeserver-horde-update event needed10.0a410.0a5CLOSED
10910smeserver-horde/usr/bin/php /usr/bin/horde-alarms will identify as admin@hostname.domain in prefs10.0a410.0a5CLOSED
10912smeserver-horde/etc/horde/ingo/backends.local.php refers to mail.$domain10.0a410.0a5CLOSED
10916e-smith-apacheadd option for SSLHonorCipherOrder Directive10.0a410.0a5CLOSED
10917---Keyboard layout10.0a410.0a5CLOSED
10921---console restore from media doesn't reboot after initial install10.0a410.0a5CLOSED
10924smeserver-mocknew script to helps releasing packages10.0a410.0a5CLOSED
10932smeserver-dovecotcreate smeserver-dovecot-update event for update without reboot10.0a410.0a5CLOSED
10934smeserver-dovecotdisable TLSv1 and TLSv1.1 by default for pop3s and imaps and order ciphers10.0a410.0a5CLOSED
10936e-smith-ldapincrease ldap TLS level for Protocol and Ciphers10.0a410.0a5CLOSED
10937e-smith-opensshadd ssh server ciphers, macs and KexAlgorithms in /etc/ssh/sshd_config10.0a410.0a5CLOSED
10938e-smith-openssh/proc/net/ipt_recent/SSH does not exist10.0a410.0a5CLOSED
10943---/var/log/php/php/error.log being filled with php: DIGEST-MD5 common mech free10.0a410.0a5CLOSED
10946smeserver-mockupdate smeserver mock for new default mock option10.0a410.0a5CLOSED

SME 10 Alpha 6

  • Status:
  • Please add bug references to be able to track status and progress.

Goal for next release

  • Fix Raid and LVM install
  • disable and hide unwanted anaconda addons
  • netinstall
"no associated bugs!"

SME 10 Beta 1

  • Status:
  • Please add bug references to be able to track status and progress.

Goal for next release for next release

  • new server-manager
IDPackageSummary (175 tasks)VersionMilestoneStatus
1416e-smith-apachehttpd-e-smith does not have a logger10.0a310.0b1VERIFIED
2408e-smith-base (network)Move dhcpd logs out of /var/log/messages10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
3461e-smith-basemigrate fragment to validate key and crt settings10.0a510.0b1CLOSED
3802e-smith-emailNFR: Web interface to configure pseudonym for local networks only (visible internal) when adding new pseudonym10.0a410.0b1VERIFIED
6536e-smith-baseMake also validate the subnet octets10.0a410.0b1VERIFIED
8693e-smith-apachemoving SSL httpd certificate to virtual host and allow multiple certificates10.0a110.0b1VERIFIED
8881e-smith-ntpUse /var/lib/ntp/ as home for ntp drift file instead of /etc/ntp/10.0a410.0b1VERIFIED
9060e-smith-sambaremove the win98pwdcache.reg of the server-resources10.0a410.0b1VERIFIED
9192e-smith-apacheport 80 and 443 shouldn't be hardcoded10.0a310.0b1VERIFIED
9419e-smith-proxysquid: no forward proxy port configured10.0a110.0b1VERIFIED
9423e-smith-nutUPSservice needs migration to systemd rename nut service to ups10.0a110.0b1VERIFIED
9435e-smith-base[systemd] starting a service with systemd only if `db configuration getprop SERVICE status` is enabled10.0a110.0b1VERIFIED
9590e-smith-baseremove /home/e-smith/web/common/edition/info.txt10.0a110.0b1VERIFIED
9642e-smith-basefailed to fix permissions for www and apache10.0a110.0b1VERIFIED
9649e-smith-base[systemd] service * does not support chkconfig10.0a110.0b1VERIFIED
10368smeserver-qpsmtpdsetting pseudonym to local network only yes let emails coming from outside10.0a410.0b1VERIFIED
10576e-smith-sambaadd min protocol option SAMBA10.0a310.0b1VERIFIED
10826e-smith-apachehttpd fails to start if SSL certificate file, key or chain point to a non existing file10.0a410.0b1VERIFIED
10840---[systemd] signal-event can not control systemd services10.0a410.0b1CLOSED
10849---remove reference to php3 php4 files and deprecated php modules10.0a410.0b1VERIFIED
10867e-smith-apacheremove reference to php3 php4 files and deprecated php modules10.0a410.0b1VERIFIED
10869e-smith-ibaysremove reference to php3 php4 files and deprecated php modules10.0a410.0b1VERIFIED
10931smeserver-yumUpdate Fails at Clean stage10.0a210.0b1VERIFIED
10939e-smith-opensshallow use of /etc/hosts.deny_ssh file in /etc/e-smith/templates/etc/hosts.allow/sshd10.0a410.0b1VERIFIED
10940e-smith-opensshcreate ecdsa and ed25519 hostkeys10.0a410.0b1VERIFIED
10947smeserver-dovecotDovecot set imap_idle_timeout10.0a410.0b1VERIFIED
10957e-smith-base[systemd] create a sme-server.target10.0a410.0b1VERIFIED
10959multiple-packages[updates w/o reboot] finishing integration10.0a410.0b1RESOLVED
10960smeserver-phpwrong link in /etc/systemd/system/
10963e-smith-sambasmb2 and smb3 protocols needs port 44510.0a410.0b1VERIFIED
10966e-smith-apachee-smith-apache : port 80 and 443 shouldn't be hardcoded10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
10967e-smith-managere-smith-manager : port 80 and 443 shouldn't be hardcoded10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
10968e-smith-ibayse-smith-ibays : port 80 and 443 shouldn't be hardcoded10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
10969smeserver-hordesmeserver-horde : port 80 and 443 shouldn't be hardcoded10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
10974e-smith-baseMake validate the subnet octets10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
10975smeserver-qpsmtpdsetting pseudonym to local network only yes let emails coming from outside10.0a410.0b1CLOSED
11006e-smith-LPRngservice needs migration to systemd - lpd - /service/lpd/run10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
11007e-smith-LPRng[updates w/o reboot] integration of e-smith-LPRng10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
11008e-smith-ntpservice needs migration to systemd - ntpd10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
11009e-smith-ntp[updates w/o reboot] integration of e-smith-ntp10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
11012multiple-packages[updates w/o reboot] e-smith-base10.0a410.0b1VERIFIED
11013e-smith-runit[systemd] launch runit for sme-server.target10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
11014smeserver-php[systemd] enable php services for sme-server.target10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
11015smeserver-php[php] rsyslogd: warning: ~ action is deprecated, consider using the 'stop' statement instead10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
11016smeserver-horde[horde] rsyslogd: warning: ~ action is deprecated, consider using the 'stop' statement instead10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
11021e-smith-mysqlmariadb needs migrating to systemd10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED plugins does not trigger actions scripts10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
11087smeserver-phpadd webappVirtualhost to smeserver-php10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
11088e-smith-runitrunit should run at and before network.target10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
11089e-smith-packetfilterservice needs migration to systemd - masq10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
11090e-smith-baseservice needs migration to systemd - network10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
11091e-smith-baseservice needs migration to systemd - wan10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
11092smeserver-phptypo in upload_tmp_dir = var/lib/php/php7*/tmp10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
11093e-smith-sambaSMBClient krb5 error10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
11094e-smith-baseservice needs migration to systemd raidmonitor - /service/raidmonitor/run10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
11095e-smith-oidentdservice needs migration to systemd - oidentd /service/oidentd/run * oidentd.service10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
11096e-smith-ldapservice needs migration to systemd - ldap.init10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
11097e-smith-dnscacheservice needs migration to systemd - dnscache - /service/dnscache/run10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
11098e-smith-tinydnsservice needs migration to systemd - tinydns - /service/tinydns/run10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
11099e-smith-ldapservice needs migration to systemd - ldap - /service/ldap/run10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
11100e-smith-baseservice needs migration to systemd - dhcpd - /service/dhcpd/run - dhcpd.service10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
11101smeserver-dovecotservice needs migration to systemd - dovecot - /service/dovecot/run - dovecot.service, dovecot.socket10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
11102e-smith-emailservice needs migration to systemd - smtp-auth-proxy - /service/smtp-auth-proxy/run10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
11103smeserver-clamavservice needs migration to systemd - clamd - /service/clamd/run - clamav-daemon.service, clamav-daemon.socket, clamav-freshclam.service10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
11104smeserver-clamavservice needs migration to systemd - freshclam - /service/freshclam/run - clamav-freshclam.service10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
11105e-smith-qmailservice needs migration to systemd - qmail - /service/qmail/run10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
11106e-smith-proftpdservice needs migration to systemd - ftp- /service/ftp/run - proftpd.service10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
11107smeserver-qpsmtpdservice needs migration to systemd - qpsmtpd - /service/qpsmtpd/run10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
11108---service needs migration to systemd - sqpsmtpd - /service/sqpsmtpd/run10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
11109e-smith-opensshservice needs migration to systemd - sshd - /service/sshd/run - sshd-keygen.service, sshd.service, sshd@.service, sshd.socket10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
11110e-smith-managerservice needs migration to systemd - httpd-admin - /service/httpd-admin/run - httpd.service10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
11111e-smith-apacheservice needs migration to systemd - httpd-e-smith - /service/httpd-e-smith/run - httpd.service10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
11112e-smith-pptpdservice needs migration to systemd - pptpd - /service/pptpd/run - pptpd.service10.0a510.0b1CLOSED
11113e-smith-radiusdservice needs migration to systemd - radiusd - /service/radiusd/run - radiusd.service10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
11114---service needs migration to systemd - spamassassin - spamassassin.service10.0a510.0b1CLOSED
11115smeserver-spamassassinservice needs migration to systemd - spamd - /service/spamd/run - spamassassin.service10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
11116e-smith-proxyservice needs migration to systemd - squid - /service/squid/run - squid.service10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
11117e-smith-sambaservice needs migration to systemd - smbd - /service/smbd/run - smb.service10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
11118e-smith-sambaservice needs migration to systemd - nmbd - /service/nmbd/run - nmb.service10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
11119e-smith-baseservice needs migration to systemd - local - /service/local/run10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
11120e-smith-mysqlservice needs migration to systemd - mysql.init10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED does not expand path to metadata10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
11122e-smith-packetfilter[updates w/o reboot] e-smith-packetfilter10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
11123e-smith-apache[updates w/o reboot] migration intergration - e-smith-apache10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
11124e-smith-backup[updates w/o reboot] migration intergration - e-smith-backup10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
11125e-smith-cvm-unix-local[updates w/o reboot] migration intergration - e-smith-cvm-unix-local10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
11126e-smith-devtools[updates w/o reboot] migration intergration - e-smith-devtools10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
11127e-smith-dnscache[updates w/o reboot] migration intergration - e-smith-dnscache10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
11128---[updates w/o reboot] migration intergration - e-smith-domains10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
11129e-smith-dynamicdns-dyndns[updates w/o reboot] migration intergration - e-smith-dynamicdns-dyndns10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED[updates w/o reboot] migration integration - e-smith-dynamicdns-dyndns.org10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
11131e-smith-dynamicdns-tzo[updates w/o reboot] migration integration - e-smith-dynamicdns-tzo10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
11132e-smith-dynamicdns-yi[updates w/o reboot] migration integration - e-smith-dynamicdns-yi10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
11133e-smith-email[updates w/o reboot] migration integration - e-smith-email10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
11134e-smith-flexbackup[updates w/o reboot] migration intergration - e-smith-flexbackup10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
11135e-smith-oidentd[updates w/o reboot] migration intergration - e-smith-oidentd10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
11136e-smith-formmagick[updates w/o reboot] migration integration - e-smith-formmagick10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
11137e-smith-grub[updates w/o reboot] migration integration - e-smith-grub10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
11138e-smith-hosts[updates w/o reboot] migration intergration - e-smith-hosts10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
11139e-smith-ibays[updates w/o reboot] migration intergration - e-smith-ibays10.0a510.0b1VERIFIED
Warnings were generated during the execution of function
  1. Report truncated - count greater than max allowed 101 > 100

SME 10 Beta 2

  • Status:
  • Please add bug references to be able to track status and progress.

Goal for next release for next release

9429pwauthpwauth RPM with sme built version older than EPEL10.0a110.0b2CLOSED

SME 10 RC 1

  • Status:
  • Please add bug references to be able to track status and progress.

Goal for next release for next release

"no associated bugs!"