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I just changed: sh /root/eGW_Full_Uninstall.sh to sh /root/eGW-Full-Uninstall.sh
I just changed: sh /root/eGW_Full_Uninstall.sh to sh /root/eGW-Full-Uninstall.sh

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I just changed: sh /root/eGW_Full_Uninstall.sh to sh /root/eGW-Full-Uninstall.sh imcintyre

@jester: Yes this is correct. The result is the same... This is a minor update.


@Cool34000: After installation of the new 1.4-9 rpm i noticed that file ownership an rights are different to the previous rpm's, is this correct?!


Dietmar, maybe of interest to add:

To Sync eGroupWare trough SyncML with some mobile phones or with the use of the different GPL Funambol clients you will need to install PHP5 as a CGI as described by Daniel from Firewall Services. In eGroupWare you have to turn on the xmlrpc service under: Admin > Site configuration. For syncing the Funambol clients with eGroupWare use the SIF data-format and the following info:

  • URL  : https://<your-server>/egroupware/rpc.php
  • Username  : your eGroupWare username
  • Password  : your eGroupWare password
  • Contacts (Addressbook) : ./sifcontacts
  • Calendar  : ./sifcalendar
  • Tasks (InfoLog)  : ./siftasks

To install your server certificate on the PDA with Windows Mobile 5:

  • Install certificate on Internet Explorer on a workstation as described under 'MS Outlook Synchronization' with eGWOSync item nr.1
  • Go to: Tools > Internet Options > 'Content'-tab > 'Certificates...'-button > ‘Trusted Root Certification Authorities’-tab
  • Select your previous imported server certificate and click the 'Export'-button
  • Export to: DER encoded binary X.509 (.CER)
  • Copy the created .CER certificate to your PDA (with ActiveSync, bluetooth, ...)
  • On your PDA 'open' the certificate to install it (check success: system > settings-tab > certificates > root-tab)

Funambol clients known to work (because i've tested them):

  • Windows Mobile client for PocketPC v6