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I just changed: sh /root/ to sh /root/ imcintyre

@jester: Yes this is correct. The result is the same... This is a minor update.


@Cool34000: After installation of the new 1.4-9 rpm i noticed that file ownership an rights are different to the previous rpm's, is this correct?!


Dietmar, maybe of interest to add:

To Sync eGroupWare trough SyncML with some mobile phones or with the use of the different GPL Funambol clients you will need to install PHP5 as a CGI as described by Daniel from Firewall Services. In eGroupWare you have to turn on the xmlrpc service under: Admin > Site configuration. For syncing the Funambol clients with eGroupWare use the SIF data-format and the following info:

  • URL  : https://<your-server>/egroupware/rpc.php
  • Username  : your eGroupWare username
  • Password  : your eGroupWare password
  • Contacts (Addressbook) : ./sifcontacts
  • Calendar  : ./sifcalendar
  • Tasks (InfoLog)  : ./siftasks

To install your server certificate on the PDA with Windows Mobile 5:

  • Install certificate on Internet Explorer on a workstation as described under 'MS Outlook Synchronization' with eGWOSync item nr.1
  • Go to: Tools > Internet Options > 'Content'-tab > 'Certificates...'-button > ‘Trusted Root Certification Authorities’-tab
  • Select your previous imported server certificate and click the 'Export'-button
  • Export to: DER encoded binary X.509 (.CER)
  • Copy the created .CER certificate to your PDA (with ActiveSync, bluetooth, ...)
  • On your PDA 'open' the certificate to install it (check success: system > settings-tab > certificates > root-tab)

Funambol clients known to work (because i've tested them):

  • Windows Mobile client for PocketPC v6

Two installation bugs I have encountered with the latest SME Server (7.3, or is it 7.4 now?):


--Judgej 14:36, 19 October 2008 (UTC)

1) Even though the 'egroupware' i-bay has the 'AllowOverride' flag set to 'All' in the SME Server configuration database, this does not end up in the httpd.conf script, since this i-bay is not a standard i-bay, i.e it is under /opt/egroupware/ rather than /home/e-smith/files/ibays/egroupware/. The AllowOverride flag sets to 'None', though I am unsure at the moment which template that comes from, as there are four or five templates that could be generating it.

2) The PHP CGI module is invoked for the rcp.php script, but it seems like PHP5 is needed for more than that script. Without PHP5 the AJAX alert script also fails (the one providing the 'notifications' functionality). It would be easier (and works) just setting the entire web share to use PHP5 CGI, rather than just that one script. This can be done - provided bug (1) is fixed - using this addition to .htaccess:

# Invoke PHP5 (CGI)
AddHandler php5-cgi .php
Action php5-cgi /php5-cgi/php

Alternatively, add /egroupware/xajax.php to the PHP5 list.

Just found this template:


It sets the AllowOverride to None for the i-bay, and completely ignores the database setting. I think that is a bug. Changing this and signalling a i-bay change (explanding the template and restarting Apache) seems to get the thing working fine. Without the override set, I find that I cannot even keep a session going in the eGroupWare web pages for more than a couple of seconds.

--Larieu 00:40, 27 May 2012 (MDT)

For SME8.x with egroupware 1.6 (listed on bottom of wiki page)

as per forum,48138.msg238817.html#msg238817[1]

if your email page remain blank you-ll need to change the template and make this settings active

  cp /etc/e-smith/templates/etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf/98egroupware /etc/e-smith/templates-custom/etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

edit the new 98egroupware and add on line 28 the path to /usr/share/pear adn expand tempalte + restart httpsd-e-smith (or clasical signal-event post-upgrade....)

Outlook Sync Experience

--Judgej 14:49, 19 October 2008 (UTC)

This is a really important feature for clients. They just want to use Outlook and their Microsoft PDAs, because that is what they are used to.

I tried eGWOSync, but could not find out how to actually get it working. It seems to lack any kind of overview document, ie. to say this is what happens, this is what it looks like, and this is what you need to do in Outlook to actually use it. Perhaps I was missing something, but if I am, then it's not easy to find.

Funambol though - fantastic. It just installs, integrates, and works. I would recommend trying Funambol first.

One thing I need to know though (and I'm going to dig this out from where-ever it is): how are calendars shared? People in an office need to know where each other are, and when they are available.