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known bugs

There are still some bugs in this RPM... Help us to fix them!

ipdiscover bug

ipdiscover on SME

IpDiscover is not working on SME. Please use another agent to ipdiscover your networks at the moment.

I've opened a thread on OCS forum.

Let's hope the next version will come out soon!

This script used by the web interface do not seem to work too.

First thing to do is to change the password in this file...

my $dbhost = 'localhost';
my $dbuser = 'ocs';
my $dbpwd = 'ocs'; <==
my $db = 'ocsweb';
my $dbp = '3306';

The password should be dynamical as this is a perl script. We need to use esmith::ConfigDB or something else to retrieve this value... I was unable to handle that.

Also a problem, the script cannot be executed. I try to add script handler for .pl but it didn't worked... Not sure about how this is working, if someone can help, please do!


www/ocs/install.php bugs

A problem was found in the default imported database. This ends with some alter errors. This can be fixed by refreshing the web page.

I took a look on ocsweb database with phpmyadmin before and after using install.php

I noticed that a lot of tables' engine type were MyISAM and after using install.php their type was InnoDB!

So I tried to export a new database (this time with extended parameters), but this new database don't import in ocsweb database: it ends with errors trying to create the 1st table!

Help needed!


wiki page

5.3.2 Deployment menu

there must be a lot of ways this could be used, why make everyone think of them themselves when it could be spelled out

this could be a new page, Application deployment

this could include other ways to deploy, eg using netlogon.bat

others can work on this cool34000 has done enough


Here's the way I've always used OCS... First I import the standard ocsagent.exe in MySQL.

I don't like to install a service when it's not needed, so I use the standalone executable. I also don't use OCS deployment feature (I'm using GPOs for that)

It is so fast to use against the need of installing the Agent: put OcsLogon.exe in a share folder and simply launch it with a one command line batch script each time a session is opened.

@echo off
\\server\share\ /np /debug /tag:my_tag

That's all!

Of course, more can be done...

  • Install the Agent silently in a script
  • Use GPOs (deploy, install, update)
  • Create your own ocsagent.exe

People need to read the guide! It's well documented.

If someone can take some time to document that, it would be nice!



someone who uses this may like to add some more information on how to use it, some link to more docs at least