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Current Release

The current stable release is SME Server Release 8.0 (based on CentOS 5.8), see the Updates section below for details of incremental updates available with yum.

Our prior stable release was SME Server Release 7.6


Hosting of SME Server releases and contribs has been generously been provided by our mirrors

Information on how to become a mirror and the status of current mirrors is available here

For a full list of mirrors see http://mirror.contribs.org/mirrors/


To download an iso select the closest mirror, the version of SME Server you want, then the iso directory and finally the i386 directory. Note that in each repo, there are two ISO images. One is named according to the released version (i.e smeserver-8.0-i386.iso), the other does not provide version information (i.e. smeserver-i386.iso). The non version ISO is the actual file and facilitates rsync updates for the mirrors. The versioned iso is actually a symlink to the non-versioned ISO so people know what version they are downloading. Both will download the same binary data to your computer.

Torrent - The fastest way to download

A Torrent for the SME Server 8.0 ISO CD image is not available at the moment.


When updates become available you will be able to update a previous version of an iso using zsync, run the command from the same directory as your existing iso. zsync uses a control file to determine whether any blocks in the file are already known to the downloader, and only downloads the new blocks. If you don't have a previous iso zsync is still a good option, it will recover an interrupted download.

To install ZSync you need to have the Dag repository enabled:

The following command will configure the Dag repository on SME Server. Dag After adding it to the database we have to update the changes to the configuration file:

signal-event yum-modify
yum install zsync --enablerepo=dag [no need to reboot]
cp smeserver-8.0-i386.iso smeserver-8.0.1-i386.iso [if you have a previous .iso]
zsync http://mirror.contribs.org/smeserver/releases/8/iso/i386/smeserver-8.0.1-i386.iso.zsync

cp smeserver-7.5.1-i386.iso smeserver-7.6-i386.iso [if you have a previous .iso]
zsync http://mirror.contribs.org/smeserver/releases/7/iso/i386/smeserver-7.6-i386.iso.zsync


Upgrading to 8.x from 7.x - Upgrades from unmodified versions of SME 7.x to SME 8 is supported. If you have modified your server by installing contribs or have used any unsupported 'upgrade' scripts, you may have issues and should consider removing any incompatible contribs before upgrading.

To Be done - See http://wiki.contribs.org/Updating_to_SME_8.0

Please take note of this forum thread as well as bugzilla:4229 when updating after 19th April 2008.

For further information about yum updating see Yum_Updates FAQ


If you have questions about your download or installation, feel free to make use of the contribs.org forums. The forums are available for questions, suggestions, and general comments. You may search and find the answer to your question there.