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[[SME_Server:Documentation:User_Manual:Booklet |One page User Manual]] <br>
[[SME_Server:Documentation:User_Manual:Booklet |One page User Manual]] <br>
All the chapters on one page.
All the chapters on one page.
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The User Manual is meant to be a very basic guide to help those who are simply trying to use SME Server, rather than those who are administrating SME or are developing SME applications. It is geared to those who are new to SME and does not require a high level of technical understanding. We recommend that SME Administrators take a look at the User Manual as well as their own, in order to see SME as it appears to their users.

Chapter 1. Remote Access

1.1 Passwords
1.2 VPN Access
1.3 Shell Access

Chapter 2. Configuring Your Applications

2.1. Configuring your email client
2.2. Configuring your Web Browser
2.3. Configuring your Company Directory – Address Book

Chapter 3. User File Storage on the SME Server

3.1 Windows
3.2 Macintosh OS
3.3 Linux

Chapter 4. Webmail

4.1 Enabling Webmail On Your System
4.2 Starting Webmail
4.3 Logging In
4.4 Viewing The Inbox
4.5 Logging Out of Webmail
4.6 Composing Messages
4.7 Reading Messages
4.8 Deleting Messages
4.9 Using Contacts
4.10 Changing Webmail Preferences
4.11 Helpful Webmail Plugins

One page User Manual
All the chapters on one page.