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Chapter 1. Finding Answers=

Ideally most of the information you need to run and configure your server will be in the manual If something you need isn't, work your way down the resources that follow. If it's appropriate, you can add the material to the wiki, if unsure ask.


/sme7/docs SME Manuals Four Manuals are being written, for the User, Administrator, Technician and Developer.

Bug Tracker

Find, report and fix bugs here

You don't have to be a programmer to help or use the bug tracker. Bugs also include fixing things and making suggestions on documentation, translations and the SME Server web sites.

General Instructions for using the bug Tracker are here [Using Bugzilla]

Searching for bugs=

To help find bugs, some prepared searches have been added in page headers, with more /howto/BugzillaReports BugzillaReports here

Simple search At the top of the search page choose 'Find a specific bug' Select a Status and a Product category and enter your search term

Advanced search At the top of the search page choose 'Advanced search'

You can restrict searches by using a selection or multiple selections of a category Use Control Click to select/deselect from selection sets, if none are selected all are.

typically you may restrict Product to use '7.x/Future/Documentation' and enter a search term into either 'Summary' or 'A Comment'

eg. Status = CLOSED, Resolution = WONTFIX, Summary = yum will return about 7 bugs

eg. Status = CLOSED, Resolution = WONTFIX, A Comment = yum will return about 17 bugs

  • Modifying your search

- Click on the hyperlinked headers to sort your list

- Click 'Edit Search' near the page footer

  • you can adjust your selection sets
  • add a search tern in the summary or comments fields
  • restrict the dates, eg between 365d and Now the last year, 60d and 7d from 2months ago but not the last week
  • bugs you are working on or watching, add you email address to the left field in email and numbering and check cc:, commenter, etc

- If you have a favourite search,

see [Reporting and working on bugs]


Currently here

There is an enormous amount of information here, a search can often find just the answer you are after. You can also find outdated, misinformed or wrong information.

The aim should be to transfer valuable information into the Manual or a Howto (with a link in the Howto List)

If you can't find the information you are after then post to the forum which is full of friendly helpful people If applicable, document your answer in the wiki, so it becomes a definitive answer and not just another hit on a search

How To's

HowTo's are documents to solve a particular problem There is a list of HowTos here


Frequently Asked Questions

This page is to be used to document problems that cannot or will not be fixed through development of SME7. If a problem is fixed it should be moved into the Manual or a Howto.

Email Lists

There are a number of lists available to join at

List descriptions and email archives are available.

Old Wikis

The wiki from the old sourceforge site is at:

The wiki from the old Xoops site is archived at: http://no.longer.valid/phpwiki/ Be aware that the vast majority of the information on the phpwiki outdated and incorrect.