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The wiki is where you are at now, a good starting point would be the Main Page.


The wiki is a collaborative effort and is a key source of information. It contains a number of manuals and a wide variety of HowTo's and tips, tricks and installation instructions of additional packages.


Please read the SME Server:Community:Wiki:Manual of Style before editing the wiki.


Except for a very few, most people in the community were novices with SME at one time. When you are ready to contribute back, this is a good place to start by documenting new solutions.

There is a side benefit for you in that now you also have a secure location for documenting changes you have made to your own environment. As people start to use your solution, they will modify and update with improvements and you too will benefit from the community's expertise.

Take a look at some of the wiki entries that exist as a reference and of course heed SME Server:Community:Wiki:Manual of Style. Be up front about risks, warnings, concerns as not all people who read the entry have the background to identify dangerous situations. You will also note that most modern wiki entries have a Skill Level identification to help others prepare for what they are about to do.