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This contrib has been developed by Jesper Knudsen from SME Optimizer


SME Optimizer is an external service that generally enhances the functionality of the SME Server. The first functionality is a SME dedicated DNS Blacklist which is partially based on the user contributions. With SME Optimizer you provide data about your spam rejects and in return you get access to a large DNS blacklist. This blacklist is both providing IP as well as URI based lists and comes as a configuration option to SpamAssassin.

The DNS Blacklist has as of today (October 2016) around 1.4 mio. Spam, Malware and Ransomware IP addresses as well as around 350.000 URIs. These will be provided as part of the DNS Blacklist.


mkdir /usr/local/smeoptimizer
cd /usr/local/smeoptimizer
wget -q -O
chmod +x

Follow the guide and register the server:

./ –register

Now initialize (and follow the guide on how to make the SQL database)

./ –initialize

There is no further need for configuration or installation as the SMEOptimizer script automatically will get and install the qpsmtpd plugin that handles capturing the rejected spam messages and also the SpamAssassin configuration file which contains the DNS blacklist configuration. All action will be logged in the /var/log/smeoptimizer.log file.