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Important.png Note:
Please help us to triage all open bugs for SME Server. The steps involved in triage are pretty straightforward and easy to do. Please see the Bug Triage page.

If you can help, the developers can concentrate on fixing the bugs. The steps in this list take approx 90% of the time in the resolving of most bugs. Reread How to report bugs effectively

Now look at the bug list below with your Troubleshooter hat on.

  • Ask the questions asked by the essay
  • Get the information from the reporter, set the bug to NEEDINFO when more information is required
  • Reproduce the issue
  • CONFIRM the bug or if you can't reproduce it then add a comment that you cannot reproduce. If no-one can reproduce it then RESOLVED-WORKSFORME may be appropriate.
  • Summarise the issue if the report isn't clear
  • Add a note about a workaround/fix if one is obvious to you
  • That fix may not be the one we adopt, but it often helps if you tell us what you did to fix it

The bugs below need triage, they are split up into SME Server 9, SME Server 8 & contribs.

SME Server 9

IDStatusSummary (73 tasks)Modified
8228?UNCONFIRMEDSME 9 Anaconda: 0013-Don-t-email-root-on-raid-events.patch2015-10-12
8416UNCONFIRMEDDuring installation SME 9 language. Hebrew was written reverse2015-10-06
8424UNCONFIRMEDdisabled WPAD feature in dhcpd.conf causes Windows 7 flooding DHCP server with DHCPINFORM messages2016-05-10
8491UNCONFIRMEDReplace "backup to workstation" language with "backup to network share" and "backup to local disk"2014-12-09
8535UNCONFIRMEDError in Selective Restore during SME upgrade from 7.6 to 9.02015-10-06
8563UNCONFIRMEDtar non-zero exit with flexbackup2016-03-26
8591UNCONFIRMEDError in template expansion /var/qmail/control/virtualdomains2018-04-13
8610UNCONFIRMEDDar to external USB fails with "Failed to add set catalog"2016-07-20
8807UNCONFIRMEDSecondary Mail Server cannot be changed in server-manager when mail retrieval set to 'Standard'2015-10-07
8824UNCONFIRMEDClamdscan reports memory allocation error scanning emails/filesystem 0.98.6-12015-10-06
8846UNCONFIRMEDerrors in spamd logs related to PerMsgStatus2015-10-07
8874UNCONFIRMEDlog naming changes2015-09-30
8915UNCONFIRMEDDar workstation backup on share not found in server-manager2015-09-30
8949UNCONFIRMEDcron run-parts not working as SM8 and previous did2015-07-11
8984UNCONFIRMEDAllow more DB settings for cron jobs2015-07-10
9082UNCONFIRMEDqpsmtpd hosts_allow plugin does not log denials from config/hosts_allow2015-10-01
9140UNCONFIRMEDunable to load after affa --rise2015-11-28
9156UNCONFIRMEDIMP H3 (4.3.9) - Web Application Potentially Vulnerable to Clickjacking2015-12-21
9170UNCONFIRMEDRestore from V8.2 Workstation Backup does not complete2016-01-06
9182UNCONFIRMEDManage disk redundancy doesn't handle GPT2016-09-21
9186UNCONFIRMEDAFFA hardlinks using NFS storage for archives2016-01-13
9188UNCONFIRMEDremove "private server and gateway" mode from the available2016-01-14
9191UNCONFIRMEDFirewall setting for Remote Management2016-01-19
9196UNCONFIRMEDServer manager panel for the letsencrypt contrib2016-05-08
9201UNCONFIRMEDBehavior of POP3S and IMAPS is inconsistent in server-only mode2016-01-31
9204UNCONFIRMEDAdd PFS to qpsmtpd2017-04-16
9205UNCONFIRMEDWindows 10 update error when using ESET products.2016-02-02
9290UNCONFIRMEDAn error occurred while modifying the i-bay2016-03-08
9400UNCONFIRMEDboot from 9.1 CD (to upgrade from 8.2) then select boot from HD (current installed version) leaves backup USB drive read-only2016-03-28
9477UNCONFIRMEDEmail Disclaimer causing email failures and rejections2016-05-31
9492UNCONFIRMEDRemove unused config for qmail-smtpd2017-05-02
9553UNCONFIRMEDError in /var/log/pop3s/current: Diffie-Hellman initialization failed2017-11-07
9617UNCONFIRMEDunable to connect to email using Outlook 2013 as a POP client on Windows 10 workstation2016-06-22
9618UNCONFIRMEDUnable to connect to email with IMAP on Outlook 2013/Windows 10 workstation2016-10-28
9650UNCONFIRMEDAllow control over antivirus scan scheduling2016-07-03
9666UNCONFIRMEDSMTP to ISP Smarthost on alt port Broken2016-07-17
9707UNCONFIRMEDSupport for SQLGrey2016-08-06
9768UNCONFIRMEDBackup to USB - lost USB-Bus2016-09-11
9844UNCONFIRMEDUser-password gives misleading error on entering same password2016-10-06
9870UNCONFIRMEDreceiving error in qsmtp log file relating to greylisting plugin2016-11-04
9914UNCONFIRMEDPartial backup stored on backup workstation2017-02-06
10079UNCONFIRMEDperl: warning: Setting locale failed. / broken display of muted vowels2017-02-17
10085UNCONFIRMEDqpsmtp - karma issue (confusion?)2017-02-13
10105UNCONFIRMEDNFR Creating additional hidden folders inside of user's home share.2017-02-22
10109UNCONFIRMEDHorde _formvars risk - CWE-5022017-02-23
10208UNCONFIRMEDpppd/pptp intermittent client connection2017-04-05
10228UNCONFIRMEDUnable to run server manager using the links text browser from a terminal2017-04-13
10248UNCONFIRMEDKernel panic after update to 2.6.32-696.1.1.el6.x86_642017-05-22
10273UNCONFIRMEDGrub boot screen shows SME Server 9.1 after upgrade2017-05-06
10275UNCONFIRMEDInconsistent update reports2017-05-05
10283UNCONFIRMEDadministration emails from one e-smith server not going to other e-smith server account.2017-05-11
10288UNCONFIRMEDVPN not going thru 9.2 server2018-02-10
10295UNCONFIRMEDEmail with DMARC error2017-05-24
10307UNCONFIRMEDJunkMail - some messages end ups in JunkMail folder despite "Sort spam into junkman folder" = Disabled2017-05-16
10312UNCONFIRMEDEmail WBL2017-06-06
10314UNCONFIRMEDKernel panic - not syncing on extended heavy disk access2017-05-17
10324UNCONFIRMEDUse of uninitialized value $domain in concatenation (.)2017-05-23
10344UNCONFIRMEDSquid Error after SME Upgrade2017-06-14
10351UNCONFIRMEDbounding eth to internet2017-06-30
10354UNCONFIRMEDDAR fails with error 74242017-06-27
10356UNCONFIRMEDAttempting a selective restore from workstation fails.2017-09-11
10371UNCONFIRMEDldap-dump recovery skipped in read-only mode. Run manual recovery if errors are encountered.2017-07-18
10390UNCONFIRMEDFailed Workstation Backup due to cifs error "Cannot allocate memory"2017-07-27
10396UNCONFIRMEDWorkstation Backup is tripple in size of HDD with just one backup a day2017-08-04
10427UNCONFIRMEDremoteaccess ssh switched back to allow access local networks after yum update2017-09-26
10453UNCONFIRMEDCifs mount gets unresponsive2017-11-15
10470UNCONFIRMEDNew domains default to using Internet DNS, precluding hostname management through server-manager2017-12-07
10480UNCONFIRMEDLatest version of Windows 10 etc does not install SMBv1: needs documentation for the workaround?2018-05-04
10544UNCONFIRMEDSPF lookup SERVFAIL stopping inbound delivery2018-03-22
10562UNCONFIRMEDRAID1 not work2018-04-10
10567UNCONFIRMEDUser emails not reaching receipient2018-05-09
10572UNCONFIRMEDDKIM check: none" response from check-auth@verifier.port25.com2018-04-26
10580UNCONFIRMEDWindows 10 Pro version 1803 build 17134.1 unable to join domain2018-06-25

SME Server 8

IDStatusSummary (32 tasks)Modified
7358UNCONFIRMEDHorde affected by CVE-2013-0026?2014-03-01
7483UNCONFIRMEDNo External Mail After Sudo.i386 Update2013-10-15
7556UNCONFIRMEDPermissions on files transferred by FTP to Primary iBay inconsistent.2014-03-01
7835UNCONFIRMEDCannot log into console after update2014-08-05
7842UNCONFIRMEDIMAP access not possible if quota limit is reached2014-03-03
7861UNCONFIRMEDUsing the sv command to down the wan service is ineffective2014-03-01
8011UNCONFIRMEDAdding new users after enabling LDAP2013-11-22
8015UNCONFIRMEDUnable to remove folders from mailbox trashcan (SOGo & Thunderbird)2013-11-25
8068UNCONFIRMEDkernel: TCP: Treason uncloaked!2013-12-21
8155UNCONFIRMEDUnable to connect using Safari on a MAC2014-02-27
8217UNCONFIRMEDSystem failed after yum update2014-02-19
8251UNCONFIRMEDqpsmtpd dkim_sign plugin signs restricted header2015-06-09
8254UNCONFIRMEDMissing event items for e-smith-qmail in /etc/e-smith/events/group-...2014-03-03
8266UNCONFIRMEDIncoming traffic is not working2014-03-12
8271UNCONFIRMEDBackup - selective restore does't work2014-08-01
8274UNCONFIRMEDShift-select doesn't work in Selective file restore from workstation2014-03-16
8291UNCONFIRMEDbackupwk fails on daily backup due to 3GB process limit2014-04-08
8422UNCONFIRMEDPassword change/User lock should terminate established imap/imaps connections2014-06-12
8470UNCONFIRMEDClamav Find a lot of infected files2014-07-01
8477UNCONFIRMEDsmtp-auth-proxy PeerPort should be configurable2017-04-06
8514UNCONFIRMEDconsole error - Server Manager Error 500 message2014-08-05
8520UNCONFIRMEDNew install runs for 8 minutes before lockup (USB disconnected in logs)2014-08-09
8680UNCONFIRMEDdns root not solving some names2014-11-20
8686UNCONFIRMEDError message from Dar whi2014-11-23
8720UNCONFIRMEDBackup to Workstation Unusual Events2014-12-09
8889UNCONFIRMEDLibClamAV detected duplicate databases2016-06-17
8902UNCONFIRMEDftp don't authenticate users after enabling LDAP authentication2015-04-07
8977UNCONFIRMEDWorkstation backup failed part way through the backup2016-03-26
9055UNCONFIRMEDError message after backup to workstation2015-09-21
9762UNCONFIRMEDBackup terminated: backup failed - status: 74242016-09-06
9897UNCONFIRMEDDAR can create a "setx" directory, but never stores anything, no blatant error messages2016-12-29
10254UNCONFIRMEDnee updates YumRepo Error: -all and removing mirrorlist2017-04-30

SME Server Contribs

IDStatusSummary (81 tasks)Modified
6597UNCONFIRMEDloss of data2016-02-26
6647UNCONFIRMEDText-string might need review2011-06-18
6648UNCONFIRMEDText-string might need review2011-06-18
6682UNCONFIRMEDmysql password is not properly set on SME8b62011-07-09
6683UNCONFIRMEDZarafa7 on SME8b6, zarafa-monitor is complaining that Terminal locale is not UTF-82011-08-23
6741UNCONFIRMEDunable to write 'random state'2011-09-26
6746UNCONFIRMEDNo configuration information in Panel2011-10-01
6818UNCONFIRMEDMissing Data from Squid Report Generator (Only in the web interface?)2011-12-19
6861UNCONFIRMEDInstallation fails creating snort_archive table2016-02-05
6914UNCONFIRMEDCan not access internet after switch serveronly to servergateway and back again2013-06-22
6919UNCONFIRMEDCan not access internet after switch from servergateway to serveronly and back again2013-12-02
6947UNCONFIRMEDDAR2 contrib dar2-mc plugin does not allow midnight commander to browse dar files2014-12-31
7052UNCONFIRMEDCannot find backup directory when restoring to a new disk2012-07-24
7075NEEDINFOsme-cache-windows build for SME82013-08-22
7134UNCONFIRMEDUnable to install TRAC to sme 8.0 - missing python 2.42015-03-25
7177UNCONFIRMEDZarafa for SME8 custom templates2013-02-20
7195UNCONFIRMEDLater php53-mapi version requested2013-01-01
7310UNCONFIRMEDAccess right issue2013-02-05
7599NEEDINFOXML::Parser Warning During Update2014-03-03
7674UNCONFIRMEDsmeserver-sogo: need to change /etc/sysconfig/memcached2013-06-27
7802UNCONFIRMEDfeature request - send info about unused mac / IP for certain period of time2013-07-24
8115UNCONFIRMEDMultiple domains not updated by ddclient2014-01-24
8126UNCONFIRMEDIf you have the contrib OpenVPN will not assign the correect interface2015-01-14
8127UNCONFIRMEDnot enough data about mac address database2014-01-10
8191UNCONFIRMEDerror in yum log while isntalling2014-02-05
8256UNCONFIRMEDUnable to view thumbnail in tree mode2014-03-06
8425UNCONFIRMEDNFR: automatically create missing roundcube plugin tables during upgrade2014-06-15
8572UNCONFIRMEDmaildrop: delivery deferred2014-10-14
8715UNCONFIRMEDZarafa <= 7.1 vulnerable to POODLE (SSLv3)2014-12-04
8736UNCONFIRMEDSarg report missing day.2014-12-31
8859UNCONFIRMEDFEATURE REQUEST: All permission map for the server in a single web form2015-02-26
8862UNCONFIRMEDYum hangs when updating to smeserver-sogo-1.3-12.el6.sme.noarch2015-04-04
8878UNCONFIRMEDupdate to 5.1 ?2015-09-15
8906UNCONFIRMEDserver.conf is not correct for the latest version of Zarafa2015-11-11
8911UNCONFIRMEDsmeserver-phpki error creating root certificate2017-06-19
8919UNCONFIRMEDfirst import to sme9 tree [smeserver-smf]2015-06-17
9099UNCONFIRMEDFeature Request: modify whitelistsenders template to improve output2015-10-18
9107UNCONFIRMEDtrouble fetching mails when one of the list is infected2015-10-27
9110UNCONFIRMEDNFR: - a script to find recent emails from servers now listed in RBL2017-09-04
9111UNCONFIRMEDNFR: add handling of "Comment" property in lat-hosts2016-03-07
9131UNCONFIRMEDfetchmail loop if one mail contains a virus2015-11-19
9171UNCONFIRMEDNew templates for use with zarafa 7.22016-01-01 raises error in email report2016-12-21
9452NEEDINFOInstallation of Clamav Unofficial Sigs fails due to wrong repo being used2016-10-24
9455UNCONFIRMEDscript modified for SME 9.1. and awstats-7.4-12016-04-16
9551UNCONFIRMEDAffa installation fails on starting job on one 9.1 server, works on another2016-09-24
9556UNCONFIRMEDhttp filters in jail.conf use wrong log files2016-06-03
9557UNCONFIRMEDmasq file doesn't reflect fail2ban banned IPs2016-06-03
9735UNCONFIRMEDsquid report generator2016-08-08
9749UNCONFIRMEDWrong ownership for /var/lib/dl2016-08-18
9754UNCONFIRMEDsmeserver-cacti.noarch 0:0.8.8b-12.el5.sme wont install2016-08-21
9816UNCONFIRMEDSarg Segmentation fault2016-10-01
9863UNCONFIRMEDrunning fails with error2017-02-06
9916UNCONFIRMEDSogo/ActiveSync Freebusy empty file issue2017-03-24
9925UNCONFIRMEDmissing parameter in openvpn.conf for win10 clients2017-01-19
10159UNCONFIRMEDCan not start mysql572017-04-01
10160UNCONFIRMEDCan not enter mysql55 cli2018-05-29
10199UNCONFIRMEDproblemi con WebFiltering2017-04-02
10225UNCONFIRMEDConnection fails with VERIFY ERROR2017-04-13
10244UNCONFIRMEDIncorrect sme9admin explanation string 18502017-04-19
10261UNCONFIRMEDsmeserver-userpanel S70conflinktotranslations error in logs2017-05-02
10317UNCONFIRMEDReply not sent to original Sender2017-05-18
10327UNCONFIRMEDRejected email addresses have the initial 2 characters missing in report2017-07-04
10333UNCONFIRMEDServer manager not getting updated2017-08-16
10347UNCONFIRMEDProblème de sécurité2017-06-12
10363UNCONFIRMEDAdding a new Daynamic DNS Provider -
10367UNCONFIRMEDupdating setting to get only local mail does not update badrcptto_ext2017-07-05
10370UNCONFIRMEDNFR modify 90Recidive template to allow adjustment with db variables2017-09-15 on SMEOptimizer-dnsblocklist2017-08-10
10422UNCONFIRMEDNFR: portscan jail2017-09-15
10430UNCONFIRMEDSSH Denyhosts Web panel does not support entry of range of "Authorized IP"2017-09-27
10434UNCONFIRMEDsmeserver-mailstats does not create mailstats user when creating mailstats database2017-10-11
10458UNCONFIRMEDContrib zabbix server - does not start2017-11-08
10465UNCONFIRMEDError message returned as Vacation auto reply2017-11-30
10468UNCONFIRMEDcannot connect db tool to mysql57 over LAN2017-12-01
10489UNCONFIRMEDBackuppc Unable to read or language strings2017-12-16
10507UNCONFIRMEDWill not run with existing php version2018-02-24
10541UNCONFIRMEDSuppress ProxyPass for ACME challenge2018-03-17
10585UNCONFIRMEDERROR 1060 [42S21) at line 606: Duplicate Column name2018-05-21
10592UNCONFIRMEDAccessing Pydio failes with "500 Internal Server Error"2018-06-07 / (securepoint) changed server2018-06-04