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This can be done even simpler:

make prep
cp file/to/be/modified /file/to/be/original.patch-suffix

make your changes

go to the root (sme7, sme8/, contribs7/ or contribs8/) of the package and version you are modifying

make patch SUFFIX=patch-suffix

This will create a patch with the proper naming scheme as well as add it to CVS all at once.

— Cactus (talk | contribs 08:31, 23 January 2013 (MST)

Suggested addition:

The way you build for i386 on a x86_64 box using our makefile is to do the following:

BUILDARCH=i386 make mockbuild

This works for everything except for kernel modules on SME <= 8.0. I'll have to go through my notes for how to build kmods for i686 kernel using i386 config file. These happen rarely enough that I ususally just submit to the buildsys and then fix issues if there are any. (Shad)