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There are now testing repositories setup for sme9. Most of them are still empty but updates and updates-testing may contain some packages that will make installing things easier. Just replace the -8 at the end of the mirrorlist with -9.

Enable networking

Each boot you have to start the network etc etc. I decided it was better with the minimal install and touch as little as possible - if I could then get SME packages installed I could then use that to configure networking later.

To start the networking

dhclient eth0

To check your ip address

ifconfig eth0

I think that the options to change ip address etc should be moved to another page. Keep this one as simple as possible.

RequestedDeletion agreed. This page has evolved over time and needs a bit of sanitising. Will do.

RequestedDeletion (talk) 07:44, 3 February 2013 (MST) Found an elegant solution. Closed.

Wellsi Enable SSH

This can be reduced to just starting the service. No need to install anything or stop iptables

service sshd start