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Knuddi, what do you mean with: "site<->end" and how is it different compared to your instructions? AFAIK you can perfectly use the openvpn-bridge contrib for getting an outside client into the local net. It seems you try to do the same with your manual setup or am I missing something here? I see no need to have this manual instructions as you can perfectly use the openvpn-bridge contrib for this and it has the benefit of a server-manager panel. I would appreciate if you could explain the differences to me, as I do not see them. — Cactus (talk | contribs 06:39, 5 September 2008 (UTC)

I tried the openvpn-bridge contrib and it didn't work for me - hung while trying to create DH parameters. Then I looked in the forum and noticed that many still referred to the howto I made for SME 6x long time ago ( and which I still use on quite a few servers. Hence I thought I would provide an updated and correct version for SME7. Lastly I didn't want to run in bridge mode for my users.