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I have a few remarks to your HowTo:

  1. Why are you advising to install a beta version of a software package? Most SME Server are production servers and need stability. Packages that are labeled beta are well known to cause problems as they are no where near a stable release.
  2. Do you really need the CentOS-testing repository? Packages installed in this repository are bleeding edge and still have to be tested on CentOS, they can not be labeled stable. As SME Server tries to be a robust server installing stuff from a testing repository is for testing purposes and not for stable releases
  3. Why do you need mysql-server? There is already a version installed on SME Server. Is that one not sufficient? It has been proven in the past that installing a newer version of MySQL would almost certainly brake things like webmail.

IMHO you are better of writing a HowTo on installing the lastest stable version of this package and wait for the new version to become at least a release candidate before teaching people how to install such a package. - Cactus 01:03, 30 August 2007 (MDT)

I do need the CentOS testing repo, the current version of ruby is 1.8.1 and the version needed to install Metadot 7 is ruby 1.8.5

I do believe that the current version of metadot is stable enough, as i have tested it on a test server as well as an production server without any problems so far

I am in the process of checking the installation procedures and will double check if a later version of mysql-server is required.

Fine, if you think it is stable... but I guess they do not release beta's without a purpose, or would they? Above that there has been no word AFAIK since someone (probably one of the developers) announced it somewhere in march 2007 [1], neither is it mentioned at the metadot site. They even say there are no beta releases at the moment [2] - Cactus 10:54, 30 August 2007 (MDT)} |}

Installing using the MySQL root password is *very bad practice*

Warning.png Warning:
It is very bad practice to use the root password to install databases. You are advised not to do so!

Please adjust your instructions to create a user with the proper permissions to do the installation or create the database using mysqladmin or mysql from the SME Server shell as the root password is automatically supplied without looking it up. - Cactus 08:46, 12 October 2007 (MDT)