From SME Server

for sme10:

  1. change repo list
  2. add needed gpg key
  3. remove networkmanager
  4. yum install qmail net-tools bind-utils vim-common vim-enhanced vim-filesystem wget yum-plugin-changelog wodim yum-cron zip traceroute tokyocabinet tmpwatch time telnet tdb-tools tcpdump sysfsutils syslinux strace setserial rsync rp-pppoe redhat-rpm-config unzip urlview usbutils usermode at bc boost-iostreams boost-random bzip2 cyrus-sasl cyrus-sasl-md5 device-mapper-multipath device-mapper-multipath-libs dwz ed elfutils fetchmail ftp gdb glib hdparm hesiod iptraf-ng iptstate iscsi-initiator-utils iscsi-initiator-utils-iscsiuio isdn4k-util librados2 lm_sensors lockdev logwatch lrzsz lsof mhash minicom mkbootdisk mlocate mtools mt-st mutt OpenIPMI OpenIPMI-libs OpenIPMI-modalias patch perl-srpm-macros perl-Sys-CPU perl-Sys-MemInfo perl-Thread-Queue psmisc python-dateutil python-srpm-macros redhat-rpm-config rpm-build isdn4k-utils
  5. yum remove snappy selinux-policy wpa_supplicant virt-what tuned centos-logos chrony dracut-config-rescue dracut-network ebtables ethtool expect firewalld firewalld-filesystem fxload gobject-introspection iprutils ipset ipset-libs polkit-pkla-compat tcl teamd python-configobj pyldb parted python-decorator python-dns python-linux-procf python-perf python-pyude python-schedutils python-slip python-slip-dbu NetworkManager-libnm mozjs17 microcode_ctl libteam
  6. remove the initscripts test
  7. play with the samba version to have the sme one