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Client Authentication:Fedora7

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== Method ==
'''Section A- Install Fedora 7'''
# Install Fedora 7 choosing Gnome as the desktop. KDE may work but is untested.
# Reboot.
'''Section B- Setting up Samba and Winbind on Fedora'''
# Log in as root. # In a terminal type ''yum groupinstall "Windows File Server"''. Press ''Y'' when asked. # Then type ''yum install pam_mount'' # Then type ''system-config-network'' # The Network dialog will appear. Navigate to the DNS tab and enter ''host'' where it asks for hostname and ''host'' is the name you have chosen for your Fedora 7 workstation and '''' is your primary domain. # Close this and type ''system-config-authentication'' # The Authentication dialog will appear. Navigate to the User Information tab. # Tick Enable Winbind Support # Click the Configure Winbind button # Fill in your SME Server workgroup in capitals in the Domain section - put ''DOMAIN'' not, where ''DOMAIN'' is your workgroup in capitals. # Choose Domain security model. # Add the SME Server's host name to Winbind Domain Controller textbox.  # Change the template shell to ''/bin/bash''. # Click OK. '''Don't''' join the domain using the join button. # Switch to the Authentication tab # Tick Enable Winbind Support. # Click the Configure Winbind button. # Check the settings and click OK. # '''Don't''' join the domain using the join button. # Switch to the options tab. # Tick the Use Shadow Passwords option. # Tick the Use MD5 Passwords option. # Tick the Local Authorization option. # Click the OK button to save the settings and exit the authentication dialog. # The terminal will show that winbind has started. # If your workgroup is called DOMAIN, type ''mkdir /home/DOMAIN'' in the terminal.
'''Section C'''

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