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Installation and Updating of geoip v2 db
{{Note box| GeoIP2 will ONLY work on x64 CPU}}
Sign up for a MaxMind account (no purchase required)
Important - Note your login details and in particular your AccountID
Go to Services My Licence key and generate a licence key, carefully note the key details, multiple keys may be created.
The following config property keys and values will be used to set the geoip config db for ongoing updates see below
AccountID #######
LicenseKey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Because the databases have been updated new perl modules are required to support GeoIP v2. The core modules have a large number of dependencies and we have decided that it is not practical for the Koozali team to maintain them all.
signal-event yum-modify
config set UnsavedChanges no
====Updating to v2 with v1 DBs installed====
If you have the v1 DBs package smeserver-geoip-1.1.2-7 already installed and do not wish to update to v2 DBs you may perform updates safely, after making sure your smeserver-extrarepositories-openfusion is the latest, the following:

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