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Wordpress Multisite

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=== A) Wordpress install in an iBay of SME server: ===
'''<u>A1) </u>''' Create an iBay in which you wish to install wordpress on.
When creating the iBay in server-manager:
(Viewers will receive "Problem with websites security certificate" error message, unless you install trusted certificates. See [[Letsencrypt|HERE]])
'''<u>A2) </u>''' Issue a following command to enable PHP temporary upload folder in that iBay.(Change "iBay" to the name of your ibay and remove quote marks). Note you may have to add additional directories beyond what is shown here depending on the plugins you select. Take a look at /var/log/messages if something isn't working. PHP will issue warnings to that log file. Additional directories are added to the db accounts statement below by separating them with a colon.
db accounts setprop "iBay" PHPBaseDir /home/e-smith/files/ibays/"iBay":/tmp
signal-event ibay-modify "iBay"
'''<u>A3) </u>''' Issue a following command to enable Symlinks in that iBay.(Change "iBay" to the name of your ibay and remove quote marks)
db accounts setprop "iBay" AllowOverride all
signal-event ibay-modify "iBay"
'''<u>A4) </u>''' Create mysql database and database user for wordpress to use *(1,2). Make sure database user has all the privileges to the database you have created. For security reasons, allow access to the database from localhost only.
'''<u>A5) </u>''' Download latest version from to your computer and unzip it. Upload unzipped wordpress to desired "iBay"/html
'''<u>A6) </u>''' In the SME server-manager, Create a new domain and point it to the iBay where the wordpress is installed. (Assuming you have already registered a domain with domain registrar and pointed it to your server IP)
'''<u>A7) </u>''' Point your web browser to your domain and go through the installation process.
1) Never use "admin" for admin user name, that is the first thing hackers try
Changing the table prefix to a random string makes it difficult if not impossible for a hacker to execute remote SQL injection attacks.
'''<u>A8) </u>''' Enable the wp-content/uploads folder to be writeable by the webserver process
chown -R admin:shared /home/e-smith/files/ibays/"iBay"/html/"wpsitepath"
mkdir -p /home/e-smith/files/ibays/"iBay"/html/"wpsitepath"/wp-content/uploads
=== B) Enable a Multisite: (several blogs under one domain) ===
'''<u>B1) </u>''' Open wp-config.php and add the folowing code:
'''<u>B2) </u>''' Log into your wordpress Dashboard
Under: Tools, Network
'''<u>B3) </u>''' After you click install, you will be taken to a "Create a Network of WordPress Sites" screen
Make sure you follow ALL 3 steps.
=== C) To run several Domains on one wordpress install: ===
'''<u>C1) </u>''' You will need to install Wordpress Domain Mapping plugin.
Find it here:
'''<u>C2) </u>''' Create all your domains in the SME server-manager and point them to the iBay where you installed wordpress. (Assuming you have already registered your domains with domain registrar and pointed them to your server IP)
'''<u>C3) </u>''' create new sites in wordpress dashboard that will handle new domains created in step C2
'''!! SME Specific Change: !!'''

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