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=GroupOffice 2.16 17 for SME 7.x=
Group-Office (community) 2.16 17 for SMEserver 7.x is a powerfull modular Internet/Intranet application framework.
*Features calendaring, project management, e-mail, tasks, addressbook, file management.
*Supports many languages. En, Sv, ....
You can download this package at ''[ smeserver-groupoffice]'' . If you would like to save it directly on your SME Server, you should give this command at a linux-prompt wget
==Installation and Uninstall==
For installation just hit the following command
yum localinstall smeserver-groupoffice-2.1617.112-35.noarch.rpm
For uninstall just hit the following command
yum remove smeserver-groupoffice

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