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Wordpress Multisite

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This is a copy of instructions originally created and published by Calisun: [[User_talk:Calisun|]]
{{Note box|msg=(*) If you have followed this How-To prior to April, 15 2018, please update your template to the one described in Part 2, Section 2.(Updating template is only required if Part 1 Section C was completed)}}
Following Step-by-Step instructions are for installing wordpress in an i-Bay of SME Server.
== PART ONE: ==
'''<u>A) Wordpress install in an iBay of SME server:</u>'''
'''<u>B) Enable a Multisite:</u>'''
'''<u>C) To run several Domains on one wordpress install:</u>'''
'''<u>1) Enable Wildcard Subdomains</u>'''
Inside following folder location:
'''<u>2) Fix Image display problem in multisite installation.</u>'''
Inside following folder location:
'''<u>3) Increase file size limit in PHP.</u>'''
This step is not necessary, you can do it if you need to upload files/ pictures larger than the default settings in php.

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