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 ===Koozali SME Server===Welcome to <nowiki></nowiki>, the home of Koozali SME Server. We're here to provide collaborative documentation of the Koozali SME Server project. Please see [[Help:Contents#How_to_get_a_wiki_account.3F|'''how to get a wiki account''']] and read [[Help:Contents|'''the wiki help content'''.]] Koozali SME Server is a leading Open Source distribution for small and medium enterprises. It is a simple, powerful, secure Linux server for networking and communicating, used by thousands of individuals, companies and organizations all over the world. Koozali SME Server provides a friendly, free alternative to expensive proprietary software, standing apart from the competition by shipping with most common functionality preconfigured, and features a number of popular additional enhancements in the form of downloadable [[:Category:Contrib| Contributions]].  Koozali SME Server is built on [ CentOS] using the publicly available open source [ Red Hat] Enterprise Linux sources. It's advantages include:* Simple to set up and use* Secure and stable to operate* Cross platform and extendible to meet future needs* Open source and Free to use Koozali SME Server provides the following standard functionality (See [[{{SME_Server:About|About Koozali SME Server]] for more detail):* Ease of Administration* File and print sharing* Sharing of a single Internet connection between multiple computers* A robust email server, which includes virus and spam filtering and webmail* A network firewall to protect against Internet intruders* Secure remote access* Directory services* Web application server, including support for Apache, MySQL, PHP and Python (LAMPP)* RAID and Backup* Automatic updates* Extendibility* Support for multiple languages* and much more ...all managed through an intuitive web interface The wiki menu bar at the left together with the links to the right provide comprehensive access to all the available Documentation for Koozali SME Server including details of the [[SME_Server:Community|Community]], [[SME_Server:Documentation|Server Manuals]] (including screenshots), [[SME_Server:Documentation:FAQ|FAQ]], [[:Category:Contrib|Contribs]] and [[:Category:Howto|How To's]]. There are also links for [[:SME_Server:Download|Downloads]], [ Bugzilla] to report any bugs, and the vibrant user community [ Forums]. Many individuals and corporations contribute to the ongoing development of Koozali SME Server, which is made available freely under the GNU General Public License. This license requires the public release of any modifications to the server, and allows these to be used to improve later versions. While Koozali SME Server is freely available under the GPL license, if you find Koozali SME Server useful we ask that you make a [[:Donate| Donation]] in order to help keep this project alive.====Support====Support for Koozali SME Server is available via the [[SME_Server:Community|Community]] and it is highly recommended that you make yourself familiar with it and the [[SME_Server:Documentation|Documentation]] (read this at least twice) before diving in. You should also read the [[SME_Server:Advice|Advice]] for new and existing users. The three main methods of support available are: ; [[:SME_Server:Documentation |Documentation]]:* The Wiki documentation is the primary source of information for Koozali SME Server. This should always be your first port of call when seeking help and support for Koozali SME Server* 'Google' is your friend (as well as all other internet search engines) ; [ Bugzilla]:* If you do something and it doesn't 'just work', or it doesn't work as per the Wiki, raise a [ Bug]<br />* If you want to do, or are trying to do, something which is not ''standard'' SME or not in the Wiki, ask in the [ Forums]* For more information on Bugzilla see the [[:Bugzilla Help]] page.{{Note box|The place of choice of the Developers to solve problems is [ Bugzilla], so don't be afraid to use it.}} ; [ Forums]:* Use the [ Forums] if you want advice on how to do something not covered in the Wiki <br />* Post to the [ Forums] if you found or did something, and you think other people might find it interesting or helpful to share <br />* If you don't know how to do something, or don't understand the Wiki, ask in the [ Forums] <br />* If you report a problem in the forums, and it relates to how ''standard'' Koozali SME Server, a Contributed Add-on or Howto should work, you will more than likely be directed to raise it as a [ Bug] to be given structured advice and help you resolve it 
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