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===Koozali SME Server===
Welcome to <nowiki></nowiki>, the home of Koozali SME Server. We're here to provide collaborative documentation of the Koozali SME Server project. Please see [[Help:Contents#How_to_get_a_wiki_account.3F|'''how to get a wiki account''']] and read [[Help:Contents|'''the wiki help content'''.]]
Koozali SME Server is a leading Open Source distribution for small and medium enterprises. It is a simple, powerful, secure Linux server for networking and communicating, used by thousands of individuals, companies and organizations all over the world. Koozali SME Server provides a friendly, free alternative to expensive proprietary software, standing apart from the competition by shipping with most common functionality preconfigured, and features a number of popular additional enhancements in the form of downloadable [[:Category:Contrib| Contributions]].

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