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Platform Specifics
SME Server 7 uses many packages from CentOS and RPMForge. CentOS 4 is built from publicly available open source Red Hat Enterprise Linux SRPMS and aims to be binary compatible. RPMForge is a collaborative effort of several RPM packagers that build RPMs not included with CentOS. Almost all of the packages that SME Server includes from these upstream vendors are included unmodified. The purpose of doing so is to take advantage of the stability that comes from the huge user base that uses these packages, for security, and to allow automatic updates as soon as an update is available from the upstream vendor. Security updates from Redhat/Centos should be available until 2012 for Centos 4.
SME Server v7.4 is based upon Centos v4.7 with the following major package versions (as of May 2010 - these are subject to minor revision updates and bug fixes from upstream):* Linux Kernel - 2.6.9
* Apache web server - 2.0.52
* MySQL database - 4.1.22
* PHP - 4.3.9
* Python - 2.3.4
* Perl - 5.8.5
* Python - 2.3.4
* Qmail mail server - 1.03
* Samba file and printer sharing - 3.0.33

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