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Language Translators
== Translating with Pootle ==
SME Server Supports more than a dozen languages. See for the current list.
To translate to another language, [ raise a bug] in the bug tracker to let us know you would like to start. {{Tip box|Pootle Video Tutorial ==If you want to view watch a video about Poolte in action, look at here}} == Pootle for translators ==  {{Note box| '''IMPORTANT''' Before you can request responsible access, register and login at then you must add the language and projects to your account in Pootle.  Go to "''My Account''" --> "''Change options''" and select the three projects under "''My Projects''" '''SME Server Console''', '''SME Server Panels''', and '''SME Contribs Panels''' (use ctrl key for multiple select). Then select your language under "''My Languages''". }}  Now you can request responsible access creating a new bug [ HERE]
== Translators ==
=== Become a SME Translator ===
<ol></li><li>Before you can request have access and be assigned responsible for one or more languages you will need to register at
</li><li>After registering you will have to log in and add the language and projects to your account in Pootle. This can be done by choosing the ''Change options'' under the ''My Account''.
</li><li>Now select the three projects ''SME Server Console'', ''SME Server Panels'', and ''SME Contribs Panels'' under ''My Projects'' (Hold the Ctrl key while clicking the desired options to select multiple options).
</li><li>Last thing that you need to do is to select your language under ''My Languages''. You are now subscribed to all required projects for the desired languages.
</li>{{Note box|Please, do not request to be responsible translator for a certain language before having completed the above steps.}}<li>To become responsible for the language you desire you need to request responsibility by creating a {{BugzillaFileBug|product=SME%20Server%20Translations|component=SME%20Server|summary=I%20want%20to%20be%20responsible%20translator|comment=My%20Pootle%20username%20is:%20%0D%0DLanguage%20to%20translate:|title=new bug}}, please provide your Pootle username as well as the language you want to be responsible for.</li></ol>
===Language Translators ===
{| width="100%" border="1" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="0"
!LANGUAGELanguage!RESPONSIBLES Responsibles (Pootle username)|-|Bulgarian|stefangk|-|Chinese|gfengyoung|-|Danish|koopmann - p1ur - skovsgaard|-|Dutch|[[User:Cactus | Cactus]] - [[User:Thf | Marco Hess]] - jester - skydivers
|'''BULGARIAN'''French|<span style="colorjpl - mmccarn - esibert - GrandPa - dadoudidon - Cool34000 - unnilennium - [[User: #EE7E1E">'''stefangk'''</span>VIP-ire | dani]]
|'''DANISH'''German|<span style="color: #EE7E1E">'''koopmann Reinhold - p1ur ente - skovsgaard'''</span>koopmann
|'''DUTCH'''Greek|<span style="color: #EE7E1E">'''[[User:Cactus | Cactus]] - thf - jester MAuVE - skydivers'''</span>pfloor
|'''FRENCH'''Hungarian|<span style="color: #EE7E1E">'''jpl - mmccarn - esibert - GrandPa - dadoudidon - Cool34000 - unnilennium'''</span>tacsaby
|'''GERMAN'''Indonesion|<span style="color: #EE7E1E">'''Reinhold - ente - koopmann'''</span>thomasch
|'''GREEK'''Italian|<span style="color: #EE7E1E">'''MAuVE matprova - pfloor'''</span>nicolatiana - Fumetto - nenonano - filippoc
|'''HUNGARIAN'''Japanese|<span style="color: #EE7E1E">'''tacsaby'''</span>misnerspace - sreejith - pranathi - yuka
|'''INDONESIAN'''Norwegian|<span style="color: #EE7E1E">'''thomasch'''</span>terje
|'''ITALIAN'''Portuguese|<span style="color: #EE7E1E">'''matprova - nicolatiana - Fumetto - nenonano - filippoc'''</span>nrgomes
|'''JAPANESE'''Portuguese (Brazil)|<span style="color: #EE7E1E">'''misnerspace - sreejith - pranathi - yuka'''</span>jader
|'''PORTUGUESE'''Russian|<span style="color: #EE7E1E">'''nrgomes'''</span>Nikolay?
|'''PORTUGUESE (BRAZIL)'''Slovenian|<span style="color: #EE7E1E">'''jader'''</span>bpivk
|'''SLOVENIAN'''Spanish|<span style="color[[User: #EE7E1E">'''bpivk'''</span>PicsOne | Normando]] - juanidada - oscartenerife - Calimenio
|'''SPANISH'''Swedish|<span style="color: #EE7E1E">'''[[User:PicsOne | Normando]] - juanidada - oscartenerife - Calimenio'''</span>chrille
|'''SWEDISH'''Thai|<span style="color: #EE7E1E">'''chrille'''</span>Thirawoot
|'''TURKISH'''Turkish|<span style="color: #EE7E1E">'''sami'''</span>
=== Pootle tips ===
To speed up your translation process follow these tips:
==== Interface Customization ====Enter at "''My account" '' and then at "''Change options"''.
Set these values:
You can select your language and projects to see shortcuts at your home page.
==== Untranslated words ====First login at Pootle, then click '''"Show Editing Functions"''' and finally at '''"Quick Translate"''' for each file or whole language.
Also you can see the suggestions clicking at '''"Review Suggestions"'''.
==== Translation Memory ====You can use the matching translations from the Pootle right side '''"related"''' strings to speed up the translation process. Make the necessary fixes for the non matching strings.
==== Checks before finish your work ====
We generate daily a consistency verification,it´s available on
Please run these checks before conclude your work:
Under the language of your choice at root level project, click at '''"Show Editing Functions"''' and then '''"Show Checks"''' to see a list of syntax errors.
See and
It is clear that certain syntax errors will always be due to differences in languages. For example a question in english English carries only the symbol of closure (?) while in spanish Spanish also carries the opening (¿).
{{Note box|We need to make consistent translations. The system detect some consistence errors for all languages. You can check and see your language errors. Please fix the inconsistency errors}}
<span style="background-color: #CBD567">Durante l'orario d'ufficio (dalle 8:00 alle 18:00) giorni lavorativi</span> or <span style="background-color: #CBD567">Orario ufficio (8:00-18:00 Lun-Ven)</span>.
==== Considerations ====
* Not use colloquial terms. Only formal XXX-LANG.
* IMPORTANT. If at the moment of an installation or modification of the adjustments of SME Server it detects an inexact translation or that one does not adjust to the context, please, takes note precise from the same one and in where it found it, soon to correct it. If you want you can fix at Does not let save the opportunity to correct.
== Changing the Server Language =====Server-Manager===Change the language the panel are in by changing your browser default language For Firefox currently it's, Preferences, content, Languages. ===Console===edit the first two lines in /etc/sysconfig/i18n #nano -w /etc/sysconfig/i18n LANG="en_US" SUPPORTED="en_US:en" (maybe not needed, doesn't exist by default) issue a db command config setprop sysconfig Language sv_SE Choose a Language (and Keytable see below) from the list (-) in front of the line means SME doesn't have any translation for that language  Bulgarian bg latarcyrheb-sun16 bg_BG.UTF-8 bg Europe/Sofia -Catalan ca latarcyrheb-sun16 ca_ES.UTF-8 es Europe/Madrid Chinese(Simplified) zh_CN none zh_CN.UTF-8 us Asia/Shanghai -Chinese(Traditional) zh_TW none zh_TW.UTF-8 us Asia/Taipei -Croatian hr latarcyrheb-sun16 hr_HR.UTF-8 croat Europe/Zagreb -Czech cs latarcyrheb-sun16 cs_CZ.UTF-8 cz-lat2 Europe/Prague Danish da latarcyrheb-sun16 da_DK.UTF-8 dk Europe/Copenhagen Dutch nl latarcyrheb-sun16 nl_NL.UTF-8 nl Europe/Amsterdam English en latarcyrheb-sun16 en_US.UTF-8 us America/New_York Estonian et latarcyrheb-sun16 et_EE.UTF-8 et Europe/Tallinn -Finnish fi latarcyrheb-sun16 fi_FI.UTF-8 fi Europe/Helsinki French fr latarcyrheb-sun16 fr_FR.UTF-8 fr-latin1 Europe/Paris German de latarcyrheb-sun16 de_DE.UTF-8 de-latin1-nodeadkeys Europe/Berlin Greek el iso07u-16 el_GR.UTF-8 gr Europe/Athens -Gujarati gu none gu_IN.UTF-8 us Asia/Calcutta -Hindi hi none hi_IN.UTF-8 us Asia/Calcutta Hungarian hu latarcyrheb-sun16 hu_HU.UTF-8 hu Europe/Budapest -Icelandic is latarcyrheb-sun16 is_IS.UTF-8 is-latin1 Atlantic/Reykjavik Indonesian id latarcryheb-sun16 id_ID.UTF-8 us Asia/Jakarta Italian it latarcyrheb-sun16 it_IT.UTF-8 it Europe/Rome Japanese ja none ja_JP.UTF-8 jp106 Asia/Tokyo -Kannada kn none kn_IN.UTF-8 us Asia/Calcutta -Korean ko none ko_KR.UTF-8 us Asia/Seoul -Macedonian mk latarcyrheb-sun16 mk_MK.UTF-8 mk Europe/Skopje -Malay ms latarcyrheb-sun16 ms_MY.UTF-8 us Asia/Kuala_Lumpur -Malayalam ml none ml_IN.UTF-8 us Asia/Calcutta -Marathi mr none mr_IN.UTF-8 us Asia/Calcutta Norwegian nb latarcyrheb-sun16 nb_NO.UTF-8 no Europe/Oslo -Northern Sotho nso latarcyrheb-sun16 nso_ZA.UTF-8 us Africa/Johannesburg -Oriya or none or_IN.UTF-8 us Asia/Calcutta Polish pl latarcyrheb-sun16 pl_PL.UTF-8 pl2 Europe/Warsaw Portuguese pt latarcyrheb-sun16 pt_PT.UTF-8 pt-latin1 Europe/Lisbon Portuguese(Brazilian) pt_BR latarcyrheb-sun16 pt_BR.UTF-8 br-abnt2 America/Sao_Paulo -Punjabi pa none pa_IN.UTF-8 us Asia/Calcutta Russian ru latarcyrheb-sun16 ru_RU.UTF-8 ru Europe/Moscow -Serbian sr latarcyrheb-sun16 sr_CS.UTF-8 sr-cy Europe/Belgrade -Serbian(Latin) sr@Latn latarcyrheb-sun16 sr_CS.UTF-8@Latn sr-cy Europe/Belgrade -Sinhala si none si_LK.UTF-8 us Asia/Colombo -Slovak sk latarcyrheb-sun16 sk_SK.UTF-8 sk-qwerty Europe/Bratislava Slovenian sl latarcyrheb-sun16 sl_SI.UTF-8 slovene Europe/Ljubljana Spanish es latarcyrheb-sun16 es_ES.UTF-8 es Europe/Madrid Swedish sv latarcyrheb-sun16 sv_SE.UTF-8 sv-latin1 Europe/Stockholm -Tamil ta none ta_IN.UTF-8 us Asia/Calcutta -Telugu te none te_IN.UTF-8 us Asia/Calcutta Turkish tr latarcyrheb-sun16 tr_TR.UTF-8 trq Europe/Istanbul -Ukrainian uk latarcyrheb-sun16 uk_UA.UTF-8 ua-utf Europe/Kiev -Vietnamese vi latarcyrheb-sun16 vi_VN.UTF-8 us Asia/Saigon -Welsh cy latarcyrheb-sun16 cy_GB.UTF-8 uk Europe/London -Zulu zu latarcyrheb-sun16 zu_ZA.UTF-8 us Africa/Johannesburg ===Keyboard=== Issue a db command config setprop sysconfig Keytable sv The above command, and editing /etc/sysconfig/i18n doesn't completely fix the keyboard. == Pootle for developers Developers ==
Lexicons for rpms in smecontribs and smeserver are automatically added to Pootle.
* Review the General lexicon, you don't need to duplicate these entries in your contrib lexicon
==Outdated contribs==
This is a list of contribs that need their lexicons updated,
If contribs are not updated after the April 2008 updates the server-manager panels appear unsorted
The easiest way to update lexicons is for the Author to import their contrib into the SME Contribs repository. Contrib authors please have a look at [[Package_Modification]] for that.
Contribs known to not have translations in UTF8 format: (please confirm these have problems, if you can link to source or list maintainer etc)
Temporary fix is to delete translations, eg
rm /etc/e-smith/locale/LANG/etc/e-smith/web/functions/PANEL
rm /etc/e-smith/locale/de/etc/e-smith/web/functions/qmh
* sme-crontab_manager
* smeserver-ddclient (lang de,fr panel ddclient)(being imported to smecontribs, will need testing)
* smeserver-phpsysinfo
* smeserver-redoma
* smeserver-saco-qmHandle (lang de, panel qmh)
* smeserver-squid_cache_mgt
* smeserver-service_control
* SMERPFax-0.8b1-1.noarch.rpm
These contribs are <u>not</u> causing problems, they don't have lexicons
* smeserver-affa
* smeserver-ajaxterm
* smeserver-asterisk
* smeserver-awstats
* smeserver-backup2ws
* smeserver-dirty-tools
* smeserver-durep-saco
* smeserver-ezmlm-web + dependencies
* smeserver-loginscript
* smeserver-lprng-monitor
* smeserver-nagios
* smeserver-nagios-backup
* smeserver-nagios-nrpe
* smeserver-nagios-nsca
* smeserver-nagiosgrapher
* smeserver-mailstats
* smeserver-openoffice-portable
* smeserver-openvpn-bridge
* smeserver-password
* smeserver-phpmyadmin-multiuser
* smeserver-phpwebftp
* smeserver-sarg
* smeserver-sme7admin
* smeserver-squidproperties
* smeserver-squidguard
* smeserver-torrentflux
* smeserver-wbl
* smeserver-webshare
These have updates available in [ smecontribs]
* smeserver-dar2
* smeserver-fetchmail (update in smecontribs, different update available [ here])
* smeserver-groupmembers-panel
* smeserver-subversion
* smeserver-sysmon
* smeserver-usbdisksmanager ('''NEEDS TESTING!''')
These have updates available in [ smetest]
* e-smith-backup (w/dar) (only needed if you have installed e-smith-backup from smetest previously)
=== Simple (and dirty) way to discover the incompatible contrib panel ===
The following command will list all incompatible translation files.
find /etc/e-smith/locale/ -type f | xargs --verbose -n1 iconv -f UTF-8 -t UTF-8 > /dev/null
After finding the above files you can determine which package they belong to (if it isn't obvious) by running the following command:
rpm -qf /etc/e-smith/locale/lang/etc/e-smith/web/functions/panelname
And replace the "lang" and "panelname" with what the first command spits out.
To fix temporally this issue, create a temporary folder in your SME, like /root/paneltemp
'''MOVE''' those problematic lexicon files to your temp folder.
Then run the command:
=== Conversion script ===
German forum user yythoss created a nice script that can do the conversion for you, the original post is [ here].
A new and improved version was posted in the [ forums] by unnilennium, it can be [ downloaded from the bugtracker].
{{Note box|msg=[ This version] of the script is save to run multiple times and should create a backup of each file before converting it, compared to the original script by yythoss that did not create a backup and should only be run once.}}
After completion your server-manager should be normal again.
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