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Important.png Note:
This page is now obsolete, kept for reference only. see SME Server 9 Release Notes

SME 9 Alpha3 (March 12th 2013 version) ISO Testing

An overview of related SME9 development pages can be found here.

The process described on this page is the next major step by step cycle and a continuation of SME on CentOS.

User Feedback

The Alpha ISO will not give you a working system out of the box. There are steps here to follow after you install, but this will get you to a point that the other developers are at, and then you can report bugs and suggest fixes. Any issues that require developers attention should be logged in our Bug Tracker. (See below)


  • Check the recent activity in the SME9 category:link
  • SME9 Bugs by type / status: link

Installing SME9 Alpha

  • We suggest you use a virtual machine, like Virtualbox - [1]. The advantage is that you can save snapshots at important stages of testing and revert to them quickly. Some tips for virtualbox: The default settings for a Redhat virtual machine are fine, but you will want to change the Network settings to add a second network interface and be bridged adapters if you want to test Server-Gateway mode. The 1st adapter is local, the 2nd adapter is external.
Important.png Note:
keep in mind you need to activate the PAE option of your virtualisation environment.

  • Download the SME9 Alpha ISO from here. Use the x86_64 version if your hardware supports it. If possible use something like ZSync which will transfer just the changes to the ISO and not the whole file itself :
  • Start the machine and choose the ISO image to boot from and install SME Server following the instructions.

Reporting issues

  • Look for things to fix & Report bugs/problems

- If you have followed these steps and you are up to date with 'yum upgrade', go ahead and look for problems, and report them to the bug tracker. Currently there are many issues, but lots have been reported and fixed already, so report issues you find right away. - the repo smeupdates-testing is not enabled by default. At this point in the development process you will probably want those rpms. This will check what is available:

yum --enablerepo=smeupdates-testing upgrade --nogpg

Some ideas for things to look for:

Important.png Note:
Now go and verify the FIXED SME Server 9 bugs, see Verification_Queue for the list and link to the process.

  • Log onto the server-manager.
  • Go into every panel, try every option on each panel. Look at /var/log/messages and any other relevant log file
  • The testing of the above step could be made more systematic if someone could document each step. SME9.0_QA This is a copy of the SME 8 QA page, it could be adapted for SME 9

  • Services not starting
  • Config files (templates) that need changes, especially if the major version of the package has changed
  • Look in the various log files for clues to problems
  • add more generic ideas here....specific issues to the bugtracker please

Discussion, help and share

  • here are the current bugs that have been found
IDStatusPackageSummary (187 tasks)
4078CONFIRMED---Unsaved Changes in Console
4924CONFIRMED---Console restore from USB does not support 'dar' format backups
5382CONFIRMEDe-smith-baseHostnames/addresses panel doesn't reject same IP with different mac
5702CONFIRMED---Add a manual backup option in sme
5890?CONFIRMEDe-smith-baseSMART on by default
5933CONFIRMEDe-smith-baseOnly list devices that carry a backup when performing a console restore
6059CONFIRMEDe-smith-backupWorkstation Backup should only accept a hostname which is both resolvable and reachable
6404CONFIRMEDe-smith-baseTerabyte quotas display incorrectly
6458CONFIRMED---cpu won't allow local users to be added to ldap groups
6653CONFIRMEDe-smith-hordeUpgrade to Horde 5
6836CONFIRMEDe-smith-baseconsole backup does not cope well with multiple removable devices available [8b7]
7292CONFIRMED---more rpms in the SME8 repositories that have a lower version in our SME9 repositories
7655CONFIRMEDe-smith-baseerror during ftp - Unable to open config file: /etc/security/pam_env.conf
7684CONFIRMEDe-smith-emailEnhance the script that deletes old emails (e.g from .Trash, and mails marked deleted but not expunged)
7742CONFIRMEDe-smith-emailIMAP session continues after disable IMAP in server-manager
7819?CONFIRMEDperl-MojoliciousNew Server-Manager Framework, Mojolicious
7891CONFIRMEDsmeserver-qpsmtpdEmail - Block Executable Content false positives when signature found in the middle of a file
7951CONFIRMED---Line of text showing on screen when opening item 5 in console
8008CONFIRMEDe-smith-apachedeclare unixgroup in httpd.conf
8074CONFIRMEDe-smith-emailSMTP to ISP Authentication timeout problem
8150CONFIRMEDe-smith-ibaysibay customisation: merge SSL option
8156CONFIRMEDe-smith-baseWild Card support in the default self signed certificate
8168CONFIRMEDe-smith-baseDaily cron email concerning regeneration of SSL certificate if City/Company/Department not set
8192CONFIRMEDe-smith-baseMove dmount() to
8207CONFIRMEDe-smith-qmailError 454+451 in qmail log while trying to send mail trough ISP server
8215CONFIRMEDmultiple-packagesYum configuration is in smeserver-support
8232CONFIRMED---e-smith-base migration fragments
8244CONFIRMEDe-smith-basecannot find backup media during console restore due to bad filesystem
8268CONFIRMEDe-smith-baseRemove primary (all lower case) from defaults and accounts database
8275CONFIRMEDe-smith-baseno console page uses whiptail
8304CONFIRMED---Console display slightly corrupted - black borders missing on two sides. [sme9b4]
8309CONFIRMED---Add ipt_recent sshd autoblocking to e-smith-openssh - additional note in server-manager
8352CONFIRMEDe-smith-baseExport isValidHostname and bring it into use
8355CONFIRMED---Move validation for workstation backup configuration into subroutines
8359CONFIRMEDe-smith-baseExport isValidHostname and bring it into use
8367CONFIRMEDsmeserver-spamassassinmod_perl has conflict.
8370CONFIRMED---Default install defaults to RAID 1 for any number of disks
8378CONFIRMED---'Writing storage configuration to disk' does not 'Go back'
8420CONFIRMEDe-smith-baseLocal Networks - Delete Form - "Abbrechen" Button does not work correct
8462CONFIRMED---RAID5 and RAID6 are not automatically selected when there are sufficient disks
8485CONFIRMED---Fix exceptions when number of disks does not match the raid=X requirements
8490CONFIRMEDe-smith-backupHarmonize backup options to attached disk
8518CONFIRMED---Duplicated entry "Backup to USB" in console menu
8590CONFIRMED---cifs network share not mounted by /etc/fstab at boot
8628CONFIRMEDe-smith-apacheHardcoded ServerName in httpd.conf 45ServerName
8632CONFIRMEDe-smith-LPRngRemove smb.conf template fragments from e-smith-LPRng-2.4.0-1
8803CONFIRMEDe-smith-baseAdjust the Primary welcome page. Make it friendly, promotive and informative
8808CONFIRMED---adjust-services ignores config status for non supervised service
8819CONFIRMED---dhcpd failing after update
8852CONFIRMEDsmeserver-qpsmtpdDo not offer AUTH if a weak encryption is used
8881CONFIRMEDe-smith-ntpUse /var/lib/ntp/ as home for ntp drift file instead of /etc/ntp/
8903CONFIRMEDe-smith-baseRemove option in server manager to create a starter website
8945CONFIRMEDe-smith-baseLocked account - modify panel/wording
8961CONFIRMED---Add support for SPDNS.DE dynamic dns to the console.
9058CONFIRMEDe-smith-sambaOplock break failed for file USER.V5/NTUSER.DAT
9060CONFIRMEDe-smith-sambaremove the win98pwdcache.reg of the server-resources
9121CONFIRMEDsmeserver-qpsmtpdEmail - Different mail pattern for v3 Zip file
9123CONFIRMEDanacondaanaconda ldap: unrecognized service
9126?CONFIRMEDe-smith-backupConsole backup doesn't see available device
9159CONFIRMEDe-smith-backupBackup deletion of incomplete backups fail
9173CONFIRMEDsmoltRemove Smolt
9193CONFIRMEDe-smith-ibaysModify the Primary ibay from the server-manager
9247CONFIRMED---Issue by sync of the RAID for /swap
9263CONFIRMED---Sending mail to domains that use FireEye Cloud services
9273CONFIRMEDsmeserver-spamassassinTextCat spamassassin plugin not loaded in the correct file
9305CONFIRMED---Trouble configuring kernel settings for ipsec contrib
9306CONFIRMEDsmeserver-yumAdd yum plugin to enable all repos for 'yum clean all'.
9384CONFIRMEDe-smith-hordeHorde: digitally signed messages are displayed as blank page/500 HTTP error
9394CONFIRMED---Samba security updates coming April 12th
9451CONFIRMEDe-smith-basesignal-event post-install does not revert PasswordSet to no
9457CONFIRMEDe-smith-baseNFR: possibility to disable the creation of default pseudonyms
9541CONFIRMEDe-smith-ntpntp update causes a conflict with ntpd
9553CONFIRMED---Error in /var/log/pop3s/current: Diffie-Hellman initialization failed
9603CONFIRMED---Cleanup ISO content
9622CONFIRMEDe-smith-phpbackport from SME10 : Set php_admin_value upload_tmp_dir per ibay and create tmp folder
9623CONFIRMEDe-smith-phpbackport from SME10 : Set php_admin_value session.save_path per ibay and create folder
9624CONFIRMEDe-smith-phpbackport from SME10 :[ 1350044 ] Move PHP sessiondir to /var/lib/php/session
9703CONFIRMEDe-smith-backupDar glacially slow during restore
9752CONFIRMED---Rebuild Samba-4.2 From Upstream for SME 9
9805CONFIRMEDsmeserver-qpsmtpdFailure in DMARC report sending overnight
9809CONFIRMEDe-smith-basefailed to fix permissions for www and apache
9906CONFIRMEDsmeserver-qpsmtpdRejected DMARC emails are tried every night, and never deleted?
9914CONFIRMED---Partial backup stored on backup workstation
9943CONFIRMEDe-smith-basereorganize manager foot copyright
10103CONFIRMEDsmeserver-qpsmtpdDMARC sql error in qpsmtpd log
10171CONFIRMEDsmeserver-yummessage to alert that the installed version is end of life
10226CONFIRMED---Contribs not compatible with SME9.2RC
10250CONFIRMEDsmeserver-yumswitch centos base and updates mirror list to vault after eol
10313CONFIRMEDe-smith-baseupdating to sme 9.2 with server manager : internal server error
10346CONFIRMED---User account with local email only
10358CONFIRMEDe-smith-radiusdMake Radius schared secret a db property under radiusd key
10368CONFIRMEDe-smith-emailsetting pseudonym to local network only yes let emails coming from outside
10384CONFIRMED---freshclam update failed
10387CONFIRMEDqpsmtpdqpsmtpd does not respect CONCURRENCY_PER_IP (until a SIGHUP)
10426CONFIRMEDe-smith-backupError occurred during pre-backup actions (mysql-dump-tables failure)
10433CONFIRMED---Fedora 26 not able to connect to SME9.2 ibays due to mismatch between SMB1 (SME) and SMB3 (Fedora)
10440CONFIRMEDe-smith-emailemail to pseudonyms pointing to another pseudonym fails when they are another full email
10448CONFIRMEDe-smith-managerfalse servermode information in bug report
10451CONFIRMEDsmeserver-qpsmtpdFATAL PLUGIN ERROR [badmailfrom]
10455CONFIRMEDe-smith-base (network)backport: add a post-transaction action to e-smith-base for dhcp
Warnings were generated during the execution of function
  1. Report truncated - count greater than max allowed 101 > 100
  • Please consult/subscribe to the devs list for more information. devinfo mailinglist
  • There is a IRC channel where people who are interested in this effort 'hang out'. You're most welcome to drop by and/or join. It's free! ;-)
    • You do not have to install anything to pay the channel a visit. All you need is a nice nickname and right click here to open the channel in a new browser window or tab. ChatZilla is a good option for Firefox users. #SME_server on freenode


Re-enable ssh access

  • Re-enable ssh access (the lazy not-so-secure way, but I am assuming for this testing/dev scenario that your external IP is really a local address behind a router)
config setprop sshd status enabled acccess public PermitRootLogin yes PasswordAuthentication yes
/sbin/e-smith/signal-event remoteaccess-update

easier access to the server manager

  • Enable easier access to the server manager if you prefer
config setprop httpd-admin ValidFrom all 
/sbin/e-smith/signal-event remoteaccess-update

Resources and references

Setting up a RPM Building environment under CentOS


  • You can get it for Debian/Ubuntu with
sudo apt-get install zsync

You can then do the following :


If the ISO changes, just run these commands again and it will propogate the changes, not the whole file.