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Raidstatus for SME Server

PythonIcon.png Skill level: beginner
The instructions on this page can be followed by a beginner.


Stephane de Labrusse aka stephdl


This contribution for SME Server adds the abilities to check the status of your software Raid in server-manager


This contrib is currently held in an external non default repository. You must first configure the stephdl repository on your SME server by following the steps here stephdl (if not already configured).

You can check the repo status as follows

db yum_repositories show stephdl

If you receive no output then the repo is not configured on your SME server.

Then run the following commands to install the Raidstatus contrib on your SME Server.

for sme8 or sme9

yum --enablerepo=stephdl install smeserver-raidstatus

Then activate the database changes as follows:

signal-event post-upgrade;  signal-event reboot

or if you do not want to restart the server, simply do

signal-event console-save

Go to the Server Manager and check the status of raid

In case the raid is unsynchronized, please check the documentation at


RED : You have a desynchronized raid, please check which drive is failed and if possible try to add it again

ORANGE : A Raid array is synchronizing or you have installed SME Server on a single drive

GREEN : All is Ok, you can return to work


This contribs send a mail every sunday with the status of each array of your software raid. The recipient is admin but you can change this by a db command

config setprop raidstatus mailto ""

or if you need several recipients

config setprop raidstatus mailto ""


yum remove smeserver-raidstatus
signal-event post-upgrade;  signal-event reboot


Not yet a component in bugzilla, please raise a bug in the unknown section.