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Jean-Philippe Pialasse


Contrib 9:
The latest version of smeserver-nextcloud is available in the SME repository, click on the version number(s) for more information.
Contrib 9:
The latest version of nextcloud is available in the SME repository, click on the version number(s) for more information.


Nextcloud is a suite of client-server software for creating and using file hosting services. It is functionally similar to Dropbox, although Nextcloud is free and open-source, allowing anyone to install and operate it on a private server.

As per SME Server Keep It Simple, all your ibays and home folders will be accessible through the nextcloud interface using the "external files" app. You will also have your main user user Nextcloud folder saved under /home/e-smith/files/owncloud/data which is in the default backup path. So you can now enjoy both your own cloud repository with access to the very same files on your samba share!

How do I add my SME users ? They are already there ! Just tell them to connect to https://mydomain/nextcloud. You can also add external users or allow them to register with a nextcloud app.

What are the admin ? By default you have a nextcloudadmin user and the regular SME admin user. First one use the password you can see with "config getprop nextcloud AdminPassword", and second one, well, just use your regular admin password. Then you can manage apps, external files repos and admin group membership.


You do not need to follow the Repo pages of fws and remi-safe to isntall those two needed repos, instead use the packages to install them followed by a yum-modify event. Then run the main installation.

yum install smeserver-extrarepositories-remi-safe smeserver-extrarepositories-fws smeserver-extrarepositories-epel
signal-event yum-modify
yum install smeserver-nextcloud --enablerepo=smecontribs,epel,fws
signal-event webapps-update
service php-fpm start
service php71-php-fpm start
signal-event nextcloud-update

you can skip the service php-fpm* commands if it was already installed and running before the installation of nextcloud

then you can do the following and you can safely ignore the signal-event post-upgrade reboot if prompted, unless you also installed other packages that needs to do so.

config set UnsavedChanges no

or do

signal-event post-upgrade 
signal-event reboot


yum  update smeserver-nextcloud nextcloud smeserver-php-fpm smeserver-webapps-common  --enablerepo=smecontribs,epel,fws
signal-event nextcloud-update


property default values
AdminPassword GENERATED string password for your main admin user for nextcloud *
AdminUser nextcloudadmin string main admin user for your installation *
DbName nextcloud string for mysql db
DbPassword GENERATED string for mysql db
DbUser nextcloud string for mysql db
TrustedDomains empty strings coma separated add domain or ip that are in need to be added to default access to nextcloud
VirtualHost empty domain name
access private private, public
status enabled enabled,disabled
Shares enabled enabled,disabled add the samba shares from the shared-folders contrib in the nextcloud ibays folder along with regular ibays
IncludeIbay empty strings coma separated add ibays names that need to be include. If not empty, only the name present here will be accessible via nextcloud. Take precedence over ExcludeIbay. You set it with a random string to exclude all ibays and shares from automatic inclusion.
ExcludeIbay Primary strings coma separated will exclude from nexcloud access any ibay via nextcloud. Default excludes Primary ibay. If you want to include Primary set it with a random string.
UseSMB enabled enabled,disabled allow you to set ibay access via samba share or via Local driver in nextcloud. Enabled is for samba, this allow you to access as your user and have your quota accounted. It might be a little slower, and need you to have your password loaded in the session. Local driver if disabled, will let you access only what apache user (www) has right to access as member of a group.
  • the SME admin user is also an admin of your nextcloud installation. You have two admin account as per default installation on SME Server.

example of setting :

 config setprop nextcloud ExcludeIbay ibay1,ibay2
 signal-event nextcloud-update

Command line

if you happen to need tweaking your installation, here is how to access the command line for Nextcloud on SME, considering we use PHP SCL.

The following is an example to disable maintenance mode and repair installation. The key point are :

  • to connect as www user
  • cd to nextcloud foldet
  • use the scl syntax to select php71 or higher
su www -s /bin/bash
cd /usr/share/nextcloud/
scl enable php71 'php occ maintenance:mode --off'
scl enable php71 'php occ maintenance:repair'
to seek for additional command consult Nextcloud documentation :


yum remove smeserver-nextcloud  nextcloud


Please raise bugs under the SME-Contribs section in bugzilla and select the smeserver-nextcloud component or use this link

Below is an overview of the current issues for this contrib:
IDProductVersionStatusSummary (6 tasks)
10642SME Contribs9.2NEEDINFOsmeserver-php-fpm
10602SME Contribs9.2CONFIRMEDibays folder to mount samba shares is not visible on first login
10601SME Contribs9.2CONFIRMED/var/log/php/nextcloud/ is missing
10596SME Contribs9.2CONFIRMEDNextCloud update 13.04 available warning
10590SME ContribsFuturCONFIRMEDNFR: limit access to some groups
10566SME Contribs9.2CONFIRMEDNFR: split action nextcloud-occ-conf


Only released version in smecontrib are listed here.

smeserver-nextcloud Changelog: SME 9 (smecontribs)
2018/07/04 Jean-Philipe Pialasse 1.1.0-8.sme
- fix wrong filter name for fail2ban jail.conf [SME: 10608]

2018/04/11 Jean-Philipe Pialasse 1.1.0-7.sme
- fix long update [SME: 10564]

- fix IncludeIbay not working.

2018/04/11 Jean-Philipe Pialasse 1.1.0-6.sme
- fix shares not correctly handled [SME: 10564]
- improve shares support
- reload file cache after creation of ibays folder, so it displays to users.

- improve output to message log
2018/04/09 Jean-Philipe Pialasse 1.1.0-5.sme
- fix signal-event nextcloud-update hang [SME: 10560]

2018/04/08 Jean-Philipe Pialasse 1.1.0-4.sme
- fix wrong logrotate option [SME: 10560]
- change password storage mode for smb share to allow access from portable devices [SME: 10558]
- create the "ibays" main folder to mount all ibays in every user nextcloud space [SME: 10557]

- add Shared folders in nextcloud under the ibays folder [SME: 10559]