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Be aware: This HowTo installs a beta packages, only do this if you would like to test the application. It will also configure the CentOS-testing repository. Packages from this repository are not considered to be stable.

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Metadot v7 is a complete rewrite in Ruby on Rails

Metadot 7 is the easiest-to-use, most intuitive content management system, portal server, wiki or site builder that you can find (or whatever the latest name is) and also the most fit for work group collaboration and organizations of all sizes.

• Clean and clear interface • Content drag and drop • Easy theme (skin) editing for professional looking web sites • Powerful permission system • Search engine friendliness • RSS for most functionalities

Metadot 7 is open source as before and will be available to download in the near future.

This is still in Beta, I will be posting the installation methodes soon

Important.png Note:
This is work in progress

Ruby Installation

yum install gcc-c++ libxml2-devel bzip2-devel curl-devel

Download Ruby 1.8.6

wget \ \ \ \\ \ \
yum localinstall ruby*

Ruby Gems Installation

Create a downloads directory

mkdir downloads
cd /downloads
tar xzvf rubygems-0.9.5.tgz
cd /downloads/rubygems-0.9.5
ruby setup.rb
gem install rails --include-dependencies

Note, the above command may need to be run more than once if the below error message is displayed, could be 3 times if required

Bulk updating Gem source index for: ERROR: While executing gem ... (Gem::GemNotFoundException) Could not find rails (> 0) in any repository

Check to see if rails installed succesfully

rails -v

if Rails 1.2.3, then proceed to install other required gems

gem install capistrano --include-dependencies
gem install mongrel --include-dependencies
Select which gem to install for your platform (i386-linux)
 1. mongrel 1.1.1 (java)
 2. mongrel 1.1.1 (ruby)
 3. mongrel 1.1.1 (mswin32)
 4. mongrel 1.1 (java)
 5. mongrel 1.1 (ruby)
 6. mongrel 1.1 (mswin32)
 7. Skip this gem
 8. Cancel installation
> 2
Select 2. mongrel 1.1.1 (ruby)
gem install mongrel_cluster --include-dependencies
gem install --remote rake
cd ..
tar xzvf dbi-0.1.1.tar.gz
cd ruby-dbi
ruby setup.rb config
ruby setup.rb install

Downlaoding & Installing Metadot 7

mkdir /opt/metadot7
cd /opt/metadot7
tar xzvf sme-metadot.7.1.0.tar.gz

Install Metadot 7

To install metadot 7, we need to get the root password. copy and past the root password using the following commands

chown -R www.www /opt/metadot7
chmod 750 /opt/metadot7
chmod 755 install


./install --no-tests metadot metadotuser metadotpass

Note: If the databases exists, they will be dropped first and then created again.

cd /opt/metadot7/metadot-rails
ruby script/server

go to http://servername-or-

Initial login:


password: admin123

Russell Taihn