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List of existing contribs for SME Server 8.x available in Bugzilla

74608.0smeserver-phpbbDietmar BerteldSME Server Contrib Team[1]

The total number of contribs for SME Server 8.x is 1

List of existing contribs for SME Server 9.x available in Bugzilla

94909.1smeserver-hylafaxStephen NobleSME Server Contrib Team 
89199.0smeserver-smfSME Server bug teamSME Server bug team[2]
85089betasmeserver-dar2SME Server Contrib TeamSME Server Contrib Team[3]
84599betasmeserver-phpsysinfoSME Server Contrib TeamSME Server Contrib Team[4]
84539betasmeserver-mailmanSME Server Contrib TeamSME Server Contrib Team[5]

The total number of contribs for SME Server 9.x is 5

List of feature requests, that could be a contrib, available in Bugzilla

10880Update /sbin/e-smith/audittools/repositories to show repos from yum 
10844use yum-plugin-universal-hooks 
10842Explore using autodiscover.xml to allow setup of Outlook365/Outlook 2019 
10841list modified rpm owned files 
10834NFR: Display warning on root login if UnsavedChanges = 'yes' 
10686pre update smeserver-yum and smeserver-support before any yum update. 
10657NFR: Template dhcpd.conf domain-name-servers setting 
10522Samba4 standalone "samba-tools" user (add,remove,update) via server-manager 
10402NFR: template the qpsmtpd helo plugin 'reject' treatment 
10391Add option for sshfs to workstation backup 
10364qmail outbound throttle 
10359NFR: only allow SENDING local email for User account 
10337Add GT5 commandline du-browser 
10323Qpsmtpd: Change the error message for unknown user 
10158NFR Improve support for 3rd party repositories 
10127[NFR] Better spam learning 
10075SPF / SRS : Sender Rewriting Scheme 
9866netdata realtime monitor integration 
9764Add fstab key in e-smith db 
9650Allow control over antivirus scan scheduling 
9643NFR: avoid backup tar to cross filesystems --one-file-system 
9632?Add the extra list of rpm in the backup 
9609setting for a fixed mac address for remote connection 
9567Template for Content-Security-Policy on VirtualHosts 
9566Server-Manager uses unsafe-inline scripts/stylesheets <-> Strong Content-Security-Policy on VirtualHosts 
9517add cloud capability to smeserver-backup 
9349Support SMTP TLS transport to remote hosts 
9306Add yum plugin to enable all repos for 'yum clean all'. 
9291log admin's access to server-manager 
9214?add to db command a search key function 
9203Implement reboot server-manager panel using Mojolicious::Lite 
9190editable/configurable port forward rules 
9187configure apache to give precedence to index.php file 
9178Add extra option innodb_file_per_table to MySQL InnodeDB settings/template 
9136Update/Add default SBLList property in configuration qpsmtpd database 
9125NFR: check for updates just after install 
9122Email - ODT and Docx files blocked as Zip files 
9109enable squid authentication 
9084Bcc direction (all/outgoing/incoming) should be a parameter 
9050problems with sending mail via Office365 SmartHost 
9030Activate Samba Audit functionality for user home directories 
8984Allow more DB settings for cron jobs 
8681Include python script to decode dnscache logs 
8596config command line sanitise and comment data inputs 
8555Option to keep hostnames when changing domain name 
8540Use of SSD disks (Write Amplification/Over Provisioning) 
8532safer email with dnssec and dane 
8490Harmonize backup options to attached disk 
8477smtp-auth-proxy PeerPort should be configurable 
8422Password change/User lock should terminate established imap/imaps connections 
8421View Logfiles - "Download Option" does not respect Filter 
8403Add a comment/description to local networks 
8249ARM processor support 
8248Full SSD support for SME 9.x 
8185Provide server-manager GUI for generating a CSR, and for uploading a signed certificate set. 
8077ibay customisation: PHP error reporting 
8006In server-manager, May we have a new tab "support" which has sub-tabs. 
8003Customize qmail-send bounce messages 
7995Rework the NIC bonding setup 
7930Add yum-changelog rpm to distro, either core or extra 
7904Add a 3rd template level 
7799An ibay cannot have the same name as an html sub-directory 
7761?Expose ProxyPathTarget in server-manager 
7760?Use ProxyPassVirtualHosts template if ProxyPassTarget is not empty 
7700e-smith-proftpd adding localhost only access 
7569Cannot enable SELINUX 
7537IPv6 over PPP 
7536Multiple WAN Links 
7535Add support for 3g/4G USB Modems for Server and Gateway Dial Up 
7490SSL-certificate panel 
7479add public key to authorized_keys 
7282support smb unix extensions 
7204High Availability 
7132multiple addresses when forwarding mail via Server Manager 
6850e-mail to user when admin change his password 
6781tail option in log viewer 
6662DHCP server allow to have multiple mac on the same IP 
6643Standardize date/time 
6600Cannot use 'Hostnames and addresses' panel; says DNS forwarder is defined 
6572Allow extension emails (account-anything) to be disabled via database 
6547Change default HeloHost to comply with RFC 5321 
6510Allow port 587 to be used as mail submission port (ESMTP with authentication) 
6451Add smbk5pwd overlay support 
6393IPv6 Support 
6372Cyrillic domain name 
6291Bring up the console after HW changes 
6287Provide templates for new parameters in my.cnf 
6280server-manager rewrite: match html tags 
6278Update server-manager to current web standards 
6171Improve mdadm notification messages 
6027Replace flexbackup with bacula to allow better control of backups 
5959Filter clamav log messages to remove "This version of ClamAV engine is outdated" messages 
5934Show disk labels when selecting restore medium in console restore 
5926service * restart does not stop a disabled service 
5869Mail alert should be sent when one nic failes in nic bonding 
5819use qpsmtpd-prefork instead of qpsmtpd-forkserver 
5812Add option to make sending e-mails to groups - local network only 
5791split ldap user and group templates 
5773Improve SpamAssassin default configuration 
5759Option to update PHPBaseDir to include PEAR on dynamic content enabled ibay 
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The total number of New Feature requests is 292